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Hedgehog Meaning and Symbolism

What Does a Hedgehog Symbolize

A hedgehog symbolizes energy, fertility, inquisitiveness, defensiveness, protection, vitality, intelligence, resourcefulness, compliance, perception and release of petty matters. Its inclination to curl up in the fetal position demonstrates the connection it shares with earth and makes it reflect fertility. Being a nocturnal animal, it also embodies intuition, vision, psychic ability and prophetic dreams.

Having a Hedgehog as Your Spirit Animal (Totem Animal)

To have a hedgehog as a totem animal means that you are gentle, confident, kind, wise, motherly and relaxed.

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Just as a hedgehog rarely attacks and is never aggressive, so too, you remain calm and collected in challenging situations.

Being curious, you tend to explore but evaluate conditions by taking the help of your hidden self-reliance, grace, and style and eventually emerge triumphant.

You do not restrict this trait only to yourself; you remain keen on taking care of others. Goodness is what you see in people and as such, their small offenses do not bother you. Consequently, people love to have you as their partner and friend.

A strong bond with Mother Nature enables you to understand weather patterns and have preferences for natural activities like gardening.

Hedgehog Symbolism Spirit Animal Dream

 What Does it Mean When You Dream About Hedgehogs

Dreams about hedgehogs may either point at your dominating trait of being easily irritated or promise you huge success in life.

Holding a hedgehog in your hands signifies the overestimation of someone in your life.

A dream of a white baby hedgehog suggests sufficiency, fancy, and friendship.

Seeing an albino hedgehog mirrors your ability to see into the future.

A dead hedgehog stands for the absolute ruin of something in your life.

What Does it Mean if a Hedgehog Crosses Your path

A hedgehog crosses your path to remind you that even if at moments, you feel that you are not understood, there’s no need to curl up within yourself. You need to come out with your qualities for they are sure to get appreciated sooner or later.

Spiritual and Symbolic Meaning of Hedgehogs in Different Cultures and Religions

In Egyptian Culture

A hedgehog’s characteristics of autumnal hibernation and spring awakening influenced the ancient Egyptians to see it as a symbol of rebirth.

In Christianity

According to Christian beliefs, a hedgehog stands for greed, gluttony, anger and sometimes, it is even compared to Satan.

In Asian Culture

In Central Asia as well as parts of Iran, a hedgehog is regarded as an animal of solar power.

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