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Skunk Meaning and Symbolism

What Does a Skunk Symbolize

A skunk symbolizes nonviolence, wisdom, self-awareness, patience, silence, solitude, pacification, distinctiveness, valor, self-respect, humility, independence, confidence, success, attraction and balance. The white patch on its black body symbolizes creativity, and its pungent smell suggests self-defence.

Having a Skunk as Your Spirit Animal (Totem Animal)

To have a skunk as your totem animal signifies that you maintain a calm and collected outlook while facing life’s challenges. You are self-confident and know how to correctly use your energy resources.

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Just as a skunk sprays its foul smell only as the last resort of self-defence, so too you strive to avoid conflict situations and retaliate only in extreme cases.

But this does not mean that you lack the spur to set things right. You prefer to solve a situation with deftness and diplomacy, being assertive without an ego.

Highly valuing your self-respect, you see to it that others are held in esteem too. And, consequently, for such an efficient balance, you remain forever charismatic.

Skunk Symbolism Spirit Animal Dream

What Does it Mean When You Dream About a Skunk

Dreams with skunks generally reflect your dominant characteristic features including a strong sense of disinclination on your part to express your true feelings, a bout of repressed anger, and an overriding impulse to drive people away.

Getting sprayed by a skunk in your dream suggests that somehow people around you do not look forward to mixing with you. However, if the skunk chases you while spraying, be ready for some fast friendship, love, and fidelity, along with long periods of restfulness. The same goes for seeing someone else getting attacked by a skunk.

Dreaming of a dead skunk stands for enjoyment, agreement, and worship.

Seeing a friendly skunk indicates your inherent fear about something and the fact that in future, you might be troubled by it.

A baby skunk is an indication of your inner innocence, goodwill and the need to walk out of tiring situations.

To dream of giant skunks has a positive aspect; it highlights your sense of humor and courage.

To see your pet skunk biting points at the negative characteristics in you that you need to drive off, so as to emerge triumphant in life.

skunk on your bed, or in the house implies that you are not happy with the way certain things have resolved, so you need to adopt proper measures to make them right.

Dreaming of a white skunk points at your inner yearnings to come out of a constricted situation.

What Does it Mean When a Skunk Crosses Your Path

If a skunk crosses your path, it’s a reminder for you to develop your strength and become self-dependent, for it is only through relying on your own instincts that you may turn out victorious in life.

Spiritual and Symbolic Meaning of Skunks in Different Cultures and Religions

Native American Culture

In the legends of Native America, skunks are often seen as monsters, such that some tribes even consider their crossing one’s path as forecasting some evil. However, some tribes like the Muskogee Creek admire them for their defense mechanism.

In Bible and Christianity

God equipped skunks with their distinct smell and capacity for spraying so that they could protect themselves from varied problems.

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