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Eagle Meaning and Symbolism

What Does an Eagle Symbolize

Both bald and golden eagle, being among the largest birds, symbolize power and freedom – the stamina to unearth your capabilities and the liberty of choosing your destiny, all by believing in yourself. An eagle stands for dawn, spring, and rebirth, indicating the blessing of a new beginning along with the hope of realizing your dreams. A depiction of an eagle fighting with a bull or serpent reflects the eternal triumph of good over evil.

Having it as Your Spirit/Totem Animal

To have an eagle as your totem animal means that you are focussed on your goal, yet adventurous, vibrant and keen to experience everything with delight.

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But as much as you are daring, you are equally grounded and benignant in thinking of others and providing solutions to their problems.

You have divine wisdom, insight and you follow an enlightened path.

You do not believe in outdated habits and ideas and use your energy for maximum outcome.

You possess sharp eyesight like an eagle that enables you to have a clear understanding of past, present, and future and you can execute every work with accuracy.

Just as an eagle manifests its acute sense of time by grabbing its prey at the surest opportunity, so too, you are a master of correct timing – you never miss chances and dazzle all by your fascinating insight.

Eagle Symbolism Spirit Animal Dream

What Does it Mean When You See an Eagle

A Flying Eagle

Its flight signifies that it’s watching over you like a protective guardian and beckoning you to be humble and modest.

An Eagle Landing

If you see a bald eagle landing, it means that either you will receive an important message from someone, or your long journey will be over.

What Does it Mean to See an Eagle in a Dream

There are a number of interpretations and symbolism associated with eagle dreams. But, generally, seeing a golden or bald eagle in your dream is associated with the arrival of golden opportunities and positive changes in your life.

A white eagle You will soon acquire an inheritance
A black eagle Possibility of someone with a higher social or professional standing conspiring against you
An eagle flying or perched high Brings in good luck, suggesting a great victory in your endeavors
The bird watching you from a great height Reveals a need for self-examination
A nest of young eagles Stands for your social advancement
A bald eagle in a cage Warning of financial problems
An eagle biting/attacking you with its claws Also signifies an impending financial crisis
Mating of two eagles Coming achievement of your long-term goals
Turning into an eagle Stands for things you are hiding from or repressing in waking life
An eagle holding a snake in its talons Symbolizes your inner conflict
An eagle diving to attack or devouring its prey Someone in your life is trying to spoil your attempts in achieving something
Baby eagles/eggs Your new projects or business deals will be successful
One eagle surrounded by many others Indicates that you are in love
One eagle getting killed by a group of others Loss of love, or the possibility of something dear to you being taken away forcibly
Dead eagle Powerlessness against an enemy
An eagle having difficulty flying An authority figure in your life may lose their power over you
Killing an eagle yourself Overcoming of all hardships to attain your goals

Spiritual Significance of Eagles in Different Culture

Christianity and the Bible

With its strong and broad wings, an eagle stands for man’s belief and trust in God. It is also the symbol of John the Evangelist, standing for the exalting light of intellect. The ability of an eagle to steadfastly look at the sun while soaring symbolizes Christ’s unwavering faith.

Native American and Aztec

In general, an eagle’s feather symbolizes freedom, honor, power, and immortality.

A popular story in the Aztec culture holds that their ancestors were instructed by God to settle at a place where they would find a particular eagle, mounted on a cactus and devouring a snake. This area today is Mexico, with the image of an eagle swallowing a serpent adopted as its coat of arms. Symbolically, it stands for celestial power, ushering light in man’s life.

Romans and Greeks

An eagle, serving as the universal symbol of the God of the sky Zeus/Jupiter, often occurs in the form of a transformed man.  In fact, the word ‘eagle’ comes from Aquila, the winged carrier of Zeus’s thunderbolts.

The Greeks held that an eagle was a messenger to Zeus who occasionally transformed into the bird to carry his lover, Ganymede to Mt. Olympus.

Ancient Egyptian

The Eagle is the God of light Amun-Ra (or the Sun God Horus), symbolizing wisdom. Alternately, it stood for courage, power, and immortality.


In India, the symbolic eagle of Vedic mythology is Garuda, the serpent-swallower that often serves as transport of Vishnu and is known to have fought with the snake, Kalia.

A double-headed eagle is one of the most prominent emblems of the Freemasons.

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