Tarot Reading

What is Tarot Reading

Often believed to be a way of getting predictions for one’s future, or get a hint about what to do to achieve something in life, Tarot reading is actually something entirely different. In reality, it is supposed to help you connect with your inner self so you can understand yourself, and your wishes better, becoming more capable of taking the right decisions to stay on the path of happiness and contentment.

A number of different Tarot card decks have been designed over the years, but the one predominantly used for reading in US and the world at present is the Rider-Waite deck created in 1909.

Types of Tarot Reading

There are two basic types of reading accepted at present – open Tarot reading, and question reading.

In open reading, you can get the cards to guide you with some aspect of your life. You can specify the field where you are looking for counsel, like your education, career, or love life – but the rest is left to the cards.

A question reading is more specific as it allows you to ask for the answer to a certain problem, or for guidance regarding dealing with a situation in your life. Many traditional Tarot readers do not accept this type of reading to be authentic as according to them, Tarot is not meant for answering yes/no questions. But, it can still work if you keep your mind open to all the possible options provided for your query by the cards instead of looking for a predetermined outcome that will suit you.

How to Read Tarot Cards Accurately

There are various spreads used depending on what kind of reading you want, and how detailed. A 5- or 6- card reading will be more specific compared to a 2-card one. Additionally, different spreads can be used for different aspects of life. The person looking for a reading usually needs to pick the required number of cards for the reader to interpret.

For the outcome to be accurate, you, as the subject are almost as responsible as the person doing the reading. Be honest about what you are thinking and feeling, and keep yourself open to consider all the possible paths suggested by the cards. If you deny your own feelings, then you are less likely to be able to accept the cards and what they say. Remember, they are just there to hold a mirror so you can peep into your own soul.

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