August Birthstones: Colors, Symbolism and Healing Properties

What are the Birthstones for August

August has three main birthstones, the most significant one being sardonyx, followed by peridot and spinel. Sardonyx is of a reddish-brown shade, peridot is lime green, and spinel comes in blood-red color. Peridot symbolizes strength, morality, and morality, sardonyx stands for happiness and courage, while spinel represents brightness and positivity.

August birthstones are perfect for second (2nd August to 12th August) and third decade (13th August to 22nd August) Leos as well as first decade Virgos (23rd August to 1st September).

August Birthstone

Healing Properties of August Birthstones


  • Instills courage
  • Provides protection and strength of mind
  • Brings in everlasting happiness and stability to marital relations
  • Wards off bad eye

Sardonyx was popular in different cultures and was in existence for more than 4000 years. Because of its appearance, it derives its name from the Greek word ‘sard’ and ‘onyx’ translating to reddish-brown and gem respectively. In the olden times, the Roman and Greeks went to war talismans made of sardonyx, with images of gods and their heroes engraved on it. The stone represented eloquence and elegance in the Renaissance era often worn by orators to attain proper communication and clarity of thought.


  • Brings in prosperity and abundance
  • Helps in emotional balance
  • Instills feelings of compassion
  • Assists in sound sleep
  • Enhances confidence and motivation

This gemstone, also called “The Evening Emerald”, famous for its lime green color is said to derive its name from ‘faridat’, an Arabic word, while some opine it to originate from ‘pedona’ a Greek word meaning abundance, which is why the stone is associated with good fortune and prosperity.


  • Instills positivity
  • Strengthens willpower
  • Enhances good luck and prosperity
  • Intensifies stamina and energy

Because of its blood-red hue, it has mostly been confused with sapphire and ruby and was considered to be an invaluable possession of the royalty.

Other Colors of Spinel As a Birthstone

Red being the prominent color, there are other shades of spinel too, each of which has its own significance.

Blue: Ensures prosperity and success

Green: Enhances financial prosperity, instills success

Yellow: Instills positivity, provides vitality

Pink: Promotes optimism, and confidence

Other shades of spinel are orange, brown, black and purple.

Other August Gemstones

Carnelian – Instills positivity, enhances motivation and creativity

Onyx – Gives self-control, increases confidence and helps in decision making

Ruby – Brings in joy and laughter, intensifies confidence and helps retaining wealth

Diamond – Promotes strength, creativity, courage, and imagination

Citrine – Gives joy and delight, increases wealth and abundance

Alexandrite – Provides courage and enhances feelings of joy

Jade – Brings in harmony and self-sufficiency, helps to achieve good luck

Tourmaline – Promotes self-confidence, helps to lessen fear and improves the coordination between the hand and eye

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