February Birthstones: Colors, Symbolism and Healing Properties

What is the Birthstones for February

Amethyst, a purple gem, royal and elegant in appearance is the birthstone apt for those having their birthdays in February, symbolizing courage, peace, royalty, serenity, loyalty, and temperance.

February birthstones are ideal for the second (30th January to 8th February) and third (9th February to 18th February) decade Aquarians and for the first decade Pisceans (18th February to 10th March).

February Birthstone

Healing Properties of Amethyst as the February Birthstone

  • Enhances wit and intelligence
  • Wards off bad thoughts
  • Intensifies creativity helping one to put their thoughts into action
  • Relieves stress and promotes spiritual healing
  • Has talismanic properties
  • Helps in emotional stability
  • Good for those with sleep disorder and brings in pleasant dreams

Specific Properties of the February Birthstone in Other Colors

Apart from different shades of purple (pale, light, deep) which is the primary color of the stone, pink amethyst is known for its powerful energy, intuitive abilities and positivity.

This stone gets its name form “amethystos”, a Greek word translating to “not drunken” since according to ancient myth it was said to be a remedy for inebriation or drunkenness.

Another story goes about a girl named Amethyst, saved and turned into stone by Diana to be saved from Bachus’ attack. Bachus, poured grapes juice on the stone on being guilty for his deeds which gave the stone its purple coloration.

Other February Gemstones

  • Jasper – Good for overall healing
  • Bloodstone – Enhances creativity and calms the mind
  • Opal – Calms the mind
  • Turquoise – Ushers good luck
  • Sugilite – Eliminates negative vibes and minimizes stress
  • Pearl – Boosts confidence and stabilizes one financially
  • Hyacinth – Alleviates mood and increases concentration

Seeking the advice of a professional astrologer would certainly help one to get the proper guidance of the stone they would require to bring out the best of their personality and also control all the negative vibes.

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