June Birthstones: Colors, Symbolism and Healing Properties

What are the Birthstones for June

The gemstones pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite are best suited for those born in the month of June.  The creamy white pearl symbolizes chastity, purity, and innocence, the colorless moonstone stands for passion, love, good luck and fertility, while alexandrite, a color-changing stone stands for good fortune and love.

June birthstones are well suited for the second (1st to 10th June) and third (11th to 20th June) decade Geminians and first (21st to 30th June) decade Cancerians.

June Birthstone

Healing Properties of June Birthstones


  • Instills feelings of love and innocence
  • Enhances good luck and wealth
  • Helps strengthen relationships
  • Makes its wearer loyal
  • Promotes wisdom and knowledge
  • Ushers a new beginning

Pearl has an ancient history gaining prominence in different cultures. In 2300 B.C., members of Chinese royalty were bestowed with gifts of pearl. They were regarded as precious and a law had been passed by Julius Caesar confining it to be worn only by the ruling class.

Other Colors of Pearl As a Birthstone

Blue: Provides courage, trust, tranquility, and truth

Yellow: Enhances creativity, happiness, optimism, and clarity

Green: Represents overall growth, balance, renewal, and hope 

Black: Intensifies hope, and positivity also having healing powers

Brown: Stands for harmony, masculinity, dependability, and practicality

Pink: Signifies fame, good fortune, and success

Gold: Enhances wealth and prosperity


  • Relieves stress
  • Brings in good fortune and success
  • Promotes emotional stability
  • Enhances inner growth
  • Good for those with problems of the digestive system

Moonstone has been of immense significance in different cultures and traditions. According to Hindu mythology, the gem was thought to be made from moonbeams because of its luster. The Romans too thought on similar lines and believed moonstone to develop from the rays of the moon. The Ancient Greeks, on the other hand, christened the moonstone to “Aphroselene”  after the names of the goddesses of love and moon, Aphrodite and Selene respectively.

Other Colors of Moonstone As a Birthstone

Blue: Instills positivity, peace, and calmness

Purple: Acts as a great talisman protecting from the evil eye

Pink: Smooth and soothing, giving strength to the wearer

Green: Provides emotional stability, intensifies fertility and helps one remain grounded  

Orange: Serves as a stress reliever, soothing one’s heart  

Yellow: Gives emotional stability, helping to relieve stress


  • Brings in feelings of joy
  • Enhances creativity
  • Provides a calming effect
  • Promotes emotional stability
  • Helps in the functioning of the skeletal and nervous system

Alexandrite derives its name from Alexander II, the famous Russian Tsar, and was discovered in 1834 in the Tokovaya River area near the Ural mountains. This is also a precious gemstone, mostly associated with the royalty.

Other Colors of Alexandrite As a Birthstone

It is a color-changing gemstone, being greenish-blue or yellowish-green in daylight, and red or pink in candlelight. Irrespective of its color, the stone is totality is known for its positivity, good luck charm, and healing properties.

Other June Gemstones

Citrine – Enhances wealth and increases self-confidence

Ruby – Increases courage and motivation, brings in prosperity and happiness

Sapphire – Provides serenity and peace of mind

Chrysoprase – Brings in success, joy, and happiness

Tiger’s Eye – Promotes mental clarity helping to solve problems

Agate – Calms the mind, increases concentration and analytical abilities

Chalcedony – Instills generosity and wards off negativity

Which of the three birthstones would suit you the best, or whether you may need an alternative gemstone, is a fact that can best be decided by a professional astrologer. Hence, instead of randomly wearing one, always take an expert’s consultation in this regard.

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