November Birthstones: Colors Symbolism and Healing Properties

What are the Birthstones for November

Topaz, a yellow or golden brown gem and citrine, golden yellow in color, are the two main birthstones of November. Topaz symbolizes affection, love and peacefulness while citrine represents brightness, success, warmth and vitality.

November birthstones are best suited for second (2nd to 11th November) and third decade (12th to 21st November) Scorpions and first decade Sagittarians (22nd November to 1st December).

November Birthstone

Healing Properties of November Birthstones


  • Soothes the mind
  • Brings in abundance and prosperity
  • Releases stress and tension
  • Provides emotional stability
  • Good for those with digestive disorders

In Europe, during the Renaissance period topaz was said to help release spells of anger. In Hindu culture, on the other hand, it was said to bring in longevity and wisdom to a person’s life. African shamans used topaz as a talisman for overall healing.

Other Colors of Topaz As a Birthstone

Blue topaz:  Brings in peacefulness, calms the mind and promotes spiritual healing

Pink topaz: Enhances creativity and acts as a talisman

Red topaz: Promotes confidence, courage, and passion

Other colors of topaz include white, pale green, gray and orange.


  • Increases wealth and prosperity
  • Improves self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Helps overcome depression and fears
  • Provides overall emotional balance
  • Sharpens wit and intellect
  • Assists one to be matured and remain committed in a relationship
  • Aids one to be decisive

Citrines were used for referring to yellow gemstones as early as the 14th century and are often mistaken with topaz, another November birthstone since they look similar. Because of its talismanic properties Egyptians used it for protection, while Greeks carved iconic images on them.

Other Colors of Citrine As a Birthstone

Besides of its golden yellow hue, the gemstone is also available in shades of brownish-yellow, orange and greenish-yellow, having similar properties like the yellow citrine.

Other November Gemstones

Pearl – Symbolizes purity, faith, charity, and attention, helps to keep one focused

Chrysophrase – Brings in abundance, prosperity, happiness, joy, and love, also lessening depression

Amethyst – Provides emotional balance, helps with problems of the nervous system and cures insomnia as well as nightmares

Ruby – Instills confidence, enhances feelings of courage, spontaneity, and joy

Garnet – Promotes feelings of love, courage, and passion

Beryl – Assists in getting rid of emotional baggage

Turquoise – Provides calm and relaxation, and boosts the immune system

Sapphire – Enhances concentration, and brings in peace of mind

The November birthstones, when selected in a proper way with the help of an expert, would definitely help in bringing out the best in your character.

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