October Birthstones: Colors Symbolism and Healing Properties

What are the Birthstones for October

Opal, a colorless, translucent gem and tourmaline, black, bluish-black or deep-brown in color are the main birthstones for October. Opal symbolizes confidence, faithfulness, while tourmaline represents wisdom, mysticism, and spirituality.

October birthstones are perfect for the second and third decade Librans as well as the first decade Scorpions.

October Birthstone

Healing Properties of October Birthstones


  • Enhances self-confidence
  • Helps to release feelings of fear
  • Brings in abundance and prosperity
  • Good for those with dyslexia problems as it improves hand-eye coordination

It derives its name from tura mali, the Sinhalese words translating to stone having mixed colors.

Other Colors of Tourmaline As a Birthstone

This bright stone comes in a host of colors with each one of them having significant healing properties.

Black: Provides protection against negative vibes, enhances intellectuality, gives emotional stability

Blue: Have meditative properties, assists in releasing emotional baggage

Pink: Brings in cognitive awareness, facilitates emotional healing

Green: Helps calm the mind, and assists in driving away negative energies

Provides emotional healing and soothes the mind

Red: Brings in abundance, financial prosperity, and happiness

Yellow: Represents good luck, and helps to relieve stress


  • Has calming properties
  • ‘Helps to eliminate feelings of anger
  • Aids in releasing and overcoming fears women may face during childbirth
  • Strengthens memory and increases the clarity of thought
  • Stimulates creativity

There are several legends about the emergence of opal, with the Arabs believing that opals landed on earth from the sky when there were bolts of lightning. Australian aborigines, on the other hand, were of the notion that the Divine creator arrived on a rainbow on earth leaving colorful stones around.

Other Colors of Opal As a Birthstones

White: Enhances clarity of thought

Pink: Calms and soothes the mind, and maintains emotional balance

Green: Enhances imagination and creativity, brings in abundance

Blue: Eases tension, ensures smooth communication

Yellow: Brings in good luck, and eases anxiety

Besides the above colors, opal is also seen in brown, black, orange and red.

Other October Gemstones

Rose quartz: Helps in self-love, and purifies the mind

Jasper: Helps to keep one grounded and increases physical energy

Coral: Intensifies imagination and helps to strengthen the circulatory system

Lapis Lazuli: Enhances creativity, increases the clarity of thought

Beryl: Aids in emotional healing, and acts as a talisman

Amethyst: Have calming properties, provides abundance and relieves stress  

Garnet: Instills feelings of positivity, hope, and courage

Aquamarine: Sharpens perception and intellect, and lessens stress

Yellow Topaz: Helps relieving stress and increases positivity

To achieve prosperity and abundance as well as lead a stress-free life with good health, selecting the appropriate birthstone is of utmost importance for which an astrologer’s consultation is of utmost importance.

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