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Bobcat Meaning and Symbolism

What Does a Bobcat Symbolize

The bobcat is a symbol of intellect, patience, playfulness, awareness, cunningness, and strategy.

Having a Bobcat as your Spirit Animal (Totem Animal)

People who have this large cat as their ‘spirit animal’ are intelligent and patient. However, they cherish solitude and keep faith only on their own skills.

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Their intellect helps them come up with exclusive ideas and unbeatable strategies, which in turn help them in adapting themselves to almost all situations and groups of people around them.

They possess the gift of the gab to discuss any topic with anyone. However, they never share personal and sensitive information with others.

By virtue of their patience, they can wait for a good opportunity since they know it is waiting for them. ‘Bobcat’ people are not the jumping-to-judgment or -conclusion type. However, waiting for that perfect someone for too long might keep them alone for a long period of time.

People born under the bobcat totem can be dangerous for business or social relations. Quite like the playful bobcat, they pretend to be playing with someone, thus confusing them, and then attack their unsuspecting ‘prey’ with open claws. When you would feel that you know the (bobcat) individual well, he/she will then hurl the final blow.

Bobcat Symbolism Spirit Animal Dream

What does it mean when you Dream about Bobcats

Dreaming of a bobcat, in general, is not a good omen and signifies problems in life. It might be indicative of some forthcoming bad news, or a terrifying experience you might go through.

Having a dream of a few quarreling bobcats or a reckless group might suggest that you might be betrayed by someone close to you, like a friend or your partner, who nurtured a longtime contempt against you.

A dead bobcat indicates that you are about to see the face of success at your workplace or find new business opportunities. If you are already associated with a good venture, you should go forward with it and utilize the opportunities coming your way.

If you dream that a white bobcat is guarding or blocking your way, it might well be a warning symbol. A vision of a black bobcat in a dream can be even more ominous. It is the symbol of a vicious someone in your life who is looking for the right opportunity to prey upon you.

Spiritual and Symbolic Meaning of Bobcats in Different Cultures and Religions

In Native American Culture

The Native Americans viewed this feline with a negative outlook considering it to be a symbol of an outcast, as also of greed, selfishness, disobedience of norms and rules. They associated the animals with those who live their lives as if they don’t care about anyone else, but themselves.

The Pawnee tribe always considered this animal having medicinal and magical powers. They would even wrap their babies with the fur of the bobcat to give them blessings.

In Modern Culture

Even today, these cats are believed to be sly creatures that are capable of catching people’s attention quickly. They know the strategy of survival using their courage and cleverness. These are a few of the cat’s traits that people like. With this belief, many people around the world use bobcat tattoos to mark a side of their own personality or to summon the positive sides of the bobcat.

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