Cheetah Meaning and Symbolism

What Does a Cheetah Symbolize

Cheetah, the fastest animal on land, embodies fast thinking and action, passion, assertion, progress, protection and flexibility.

Having a Cheetah as Your Spirit/Totem Animal

To have a cheetah as your totem animal means that you are empathetic and know the best way to respond to the sufferings of others.

You are decisive in nature, and act quickly when you consider the time to be right; these may involve dangerous circumstances too. But you are also persistent in your endeavors.

You prefer to remain isolated and are very selective of the people you trust.

Like a cheetah, you are flexible enough, with your principles and ideas, to move freely in this world.

You also have a big heart, with a great capacity for expansion.

Cheetah Symbolism Spirit Animal Dream

What Does it Mean if a Cheetah Crosses Your Path

A cheetah crossing your path is a reminder that you need to be flexible enough to respond quickly to any opportunity that might come your way. Things around you may go about at a rapid pace, but you need to be focused on achieving your goals.

Cheetah Dream Interpretations

Dreaming of a cheetah may either point to the changes you’d face in life or symbolize your characteristic traits. In Islam, seeing a cheetah in a dream is believed to stand for courage, might, and exaltation.

Cheetah chasing or attacking you                                                        You give more importance to what others think, instead of following your heart
Cheetah drinking blood you are being greedy about something in life
Turning into a cheetah Stands for your fearlessness and capacity to tackle challenging situations
Killing a cheetah Also symbolizes your strength and bravery
Cheetah chasing its prey Reflects your eagerness to grasp something new
Fighting a cheetah and winning Indicates that you will gain victory over your problems
Seeing yourself looking at a caged cheetah You will skillfully overcome your rivals to achieve your goals
Riding a cheetah Suggestive of some coming difficulty or huddle
Baby cheetah You are destined to be powerful and fast
Black cheetah (or any black cat) attacking/biting you A sign for you to follow your instincts
Cheetah in your house You are feeling trapped or helpless about a certain situation in life

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