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Cougar Meaning and Symbolism

What Does a Cougar Symbolize

A cougar also called as puma, mountain lion, and Florida Panther symbolizes awareness, self-confidence, agility, leadership, responsibility, wisdom, courage, assertion, freedom, nobility, the fury of a female, observation, balance, sensuality, cunningness, clairvoyance, and capacity for creating abundance.  Aided by the ability to mark its territories while moving silently, it also stands for cleverness, patience, cunningness, and primal power.

Having a Mountain Lion as Your Spirit Animal (Totem Animal)

Having a mountain lion as your spirit animal means that you are intelligent, steadfast, balanced,  persevering and a natural leader.

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Endowed with the knowledge of when to make the right move, you know how to handle multiple tasks effortlessly. On facing a problem, you rectify it calmly, thereby triggering others to seek your help during an emergency or a crisis. And, owing to your unshakable faith, people count on you completely.

However, this does not mean that you always remain passive and uncomplaining. When serious moments arrive, you do not hesitate to take charge and become decisive. Moreover, preferring solitude, you do not appreciate when people intrude your privacy unnecessarily. Feeling threatened, you might lash out right away.  Nonetheless, in most cases, you let such situations pass since you do not like doing things abruptly.

What Does it Mean When You Dream About Cougars

Cougars in dreams stand for feminity, natural beauty of the wild, intense emotion, and empowerment. They may also point at your self-sustainable attitude or predict a life-threatening situation ahead.

Getting chased by a cougar points at your secret passion for someone.

Seeing a cougar biting you points at your giving someone undue power.

A dream of a cougar’s attack symbolizes raw passion and sexuality.

Killing a cougar implies newfound confidence.

Dreams with a dead cougar indicate your fall from a certain position.

Fighting cougars signal you to unleash your hidden powers.

Seeing a baby cougar suggests your vulnerability.

Dream Interpretation of Seeing a Black Cougar

A black cougar in your dream is a reflection of your fear and insecurity.

Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism of Cougars in Native American Culture

In Native American Culture

In their mythology, cougars are given different meanings like some Western tribes associate it with witchcraft, while some Eastern ones see it as a powerful animal, mostly a leader.

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