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Crab Meaning and Symbolism

What Does a Crab Symbolize

A crab symbolizes intuition, defensiveness, endurance, sensitivity, self-sufficiency, perseverance, self -confidence, strength, and toughness.

Having a Crab As Your Spirit (Totem) Animal

People with the crab as their spirit guide, are marked for their ability to stand strong in times of adversities, getting themselves out of all the obstacles coming in their way. 

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They possess an immense amount of self-confidence, aware of their goals and the way to achieve them through dedication, determination as well as hard work

Such individuals also possess a sensitive nature, allowing their emotions to overflow at the slightest neglect. 

Though patient, they do not fail to display their defensive nature on being harmed in any way. They have a high commitment level towards any relationship, trying their best to remain loyal to it to the fullest.  

Beneath their tough exterior lies a soft heart always keen on helping others, often expressing guilt if unable to do so.

They are mostly unable to say no whenever approached, which often causes others to take undue advantage of them.

Individuals with a crab spirit guide are homely, longing to get back to their cozy domain whenever they are away from it for long.

The crab has an association with the moon, following the cyclic nature of the former. Those with it as their spirit animal often follow a cyclic phase in life, going by nature’s flow.

Crab Symbolism Spirit Animal Dream

What Does it Spiritually Mean to See a Crab

If you see a crab during your emotional turmoil, it may mean that the creature is urging you to let go of the additional baggage causing trouble and move on. It tends to move along sideways. Thus, the crab sighting urges you to pursue new directions in life.

Crab Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a crab indicates both positive as well as negative things. On the one hand, it means problems that are coming in your way and could even warn you to ensure awareness about the people around you. Contrarily, it also indicates abundance and prosperity that you are soon to incur.

Eating a crab indicates your urge to increase your wealth. Negatively, it could also foretell of any sickness or health problems you might incur.

A crab walking on the shore hints at any good news or offer you may soon receive.

Catching a crab means that certain information that you will receive shortly would change your life from a better perspective. It may also reflect the shy nature that prevents you from expressing yourself well in front of others.

Dreaming of being bitten by a crab means that perhaps in life, you would need to let go of certain things that must be bothering you to move on.

Stepping on to a crab is a warning of the wrong decisions or moves you take in life, which have resulted in a lot of mistakes.

Cooking a crab indicates the stubbornness within you, preventing you from listening to others.

A vision of a dead crab means an evil omen Biblically, hinting at a calamity that could be on your way.  It also means that a particular phase that has brought a lot of negativity to your life would come to an end.

A red crab stands for the anger, passion, and frustration inherent in you.

A blue crab reveals your intuitive power.

A green crab urges the need for spiritual healing.

A yellow crab means that positivity, happiness, or communion is waiting for you.

A black crab reveals your repressed emotion that may result in mood swings or angry outbursts.

Crab Symbolism in Different Religions and Cultures

In Native American culture

In certain cultures, they were linked to rebirth since people felt that humans were born again as the reincarnation of crabs alongside other creatures of the sea.

In Peruvian culture

They are a part of ceremonies and colorful art.

In Western Astrology Crab is associated with the zodiac sign Cancer, and individuals born under it have a mysterious and sensitive nature.

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