Jellyfish Meaning and Symbolism

What Does a Jellyfish Symbolize

A jellyfish symbolizes faith, love, balance, sensitivity, intuition, acceptance, strength, power, transparency, softness, simplicity, and courage.

Having a Jellyfish As Your Spirit Animal (Totem Animal)

People with the jellyfish as their spirit guide remain focussed on their work. They always prioritize their goals, giving less importance to irrelevant aspects of their life. Such individuals follow their instincts readily before undertaking a certain action. They mostly believe in simplicity, also possessing the ability to deal with challenges in an easy and less stressful manner, just as the jellyfish does in its natural surroundings. In fact, they show immense adaptability and can cope with any situations in life irrespective of the difficulty. They are also poised and elegant, being able to handle difficult or tricky situations in an easy and graceful way.

On the flip side, people with the jellyfish totem might be a little opinionated, not thinking twice before voicing out their concern, even if it hurts someone else’s sentiments.

Jellyfish Symbolism Spirit Animal Dream

What Does It Spiritually Mean When You See a Jellyfish

Seeing a jellyfish at a time in life when things appear extremely complex and difficult, is an indication that you must take things in a more simplified manner. It even urges you to go with the flow, instead of hurrying and rushing about. It’s sighting also has healing power, urging you to get over all your pains and move on in life.

Jellyfish Dream Meaning

Seeing a jellyfish in your dreams indicates the fears, worries, and pains suppressed in the deepest core of your heart. It may also mean that you are low in self-confidence, lacking focus on your goals.

A jellyfish stinging you You need to pay attention to a particular situation in life
Catching a jellyfish You should focus more on your personal and professional life
Swimming with a jellyfish without getting stung Reveals that you have been able to fit yourself into a new social group
Eating a jellyfish Symbolizes your urge to become powerful and gain others’ attention
To get attacked by  jellyfish It means that someone is trying to keep you under immense pressure, and you would need to fight through the situation
To be trapped with a jellyfish in a pool Signifies danger, meaning that there are many people who intend to harm you and are also jealous of you

Jellyfish Symbolism In Different Cultures

In Native American Culture

It symbolizes faith and emotional sensitivity.

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