Otter Meaning and Symbolism

What Does an Otter Symbolize

An otter symbolizes playfulness, life, creativity, transition, agility, protection, adaptation, curiosity, spontaneity, imagination, wisdom, fearlessness, acceptance, and enjoyment. The affinity that a sea or river otter has to earth and water energies is representative of its motherly instincts as well as its capacity towards healing and strengthening family bonds.

Having an Otter as Your Spirit Animal (Totem Animal)

To have an otter as your spirit animal means that you are sociable and find joy and contentment in making other’s lives better.

Your positivity enables you to see good in all things, and your loving nature triggers you to work hard to bring happiness to others. And, for this, you do not even need to depend on anybody. Trusting your imagination, creativity, curiosity and fierce independence, you move out on your own to make the world a better place.

Neither egoistic nor self-centered, you represent traditional female attributes such as looking after and loving your family and invariably find purpose in helping others. Consequently, people find you charming and humorous. However, your hardworking nature frequently leads you to face too much work. But you accept them gladly, provided you are allowed freedom to pursue your way. Thus, you strongly dislike people that try to hold you back.

Preferring to be clean and orderly, you consequently strive to follow so in all walks of life.

Otter Symbolism Spirit Animal Dream

What Does it Mean When You Dream About Otters

Seeing otters in dreams symbolize the happiness you are going to find in your home life, having skilfully navigated through hard situations by dint of your will power and flexibility. In a way, they, therefore, point to your emotional strength.

A dream of a white otter looks forward to moments of bliss and prosperity in your life.

A baby otter stands for fusion, fondness, and restfulness. If you see a dead otter, on the other hand, be prepared to experience a break in your relationship.

A sea otter signifies exhilaration and cordiality.

Seeing yourself being attacked by an otter point at some sin that you may have committed in the past.

What Does it Mean When You See an Otter

Seeing an otter is a reminder for you to relax and let go of your ongoing troubles to humbly accept and celebrate what you have in life. This is because, it is only by satisfying your inner self that you may effectively work for others.

Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism of Otters in North American Culture

Here, an otter is seen as a trickster, who mainly involves in harmless mischiefs. The Northern tribes look upon it as a lucky animal, whereas, some of the tribes of the West Coast, regard it highly for its loyalty.

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