Panda Meaning and Symbolism

What Does a Panda Symbolize

The free-spirited panda bear stands for docility, love, optimism, wisdom, determination, discipline, kindness, abundance, pleasure, scrutiny, steadiness, flexibility, and conservation. As a spiritual guide, it advises you to be less impulsive and be patient till you get the results of your endeavors.

Having a Panda as Your Spirit Animal (Totem Animal)

A panda as a totem guide represents your single-minded strength and your ability to put all your focus on a particular thing till your goals are accomplished.

Although you are extremely sensitive to the ups and downs occurring in your surroundings, you can maintain an emotional balance without getting too stressed.

Energetic and happy-go-lucky are the two aspects of your personality that makes you approachable to others during a crisis.

You know when to draw strong personal boundaries to feel safe and grounded without any external interference. Materialistic comfort matters to you for leading a fulfilling and comfortable life.

Panda Symbolism Spirit Animal Dream

What Does a Panda Mean in Your Dreams

Dreams about pandas might mean that you will soon get rid of your worries and get everything worked as per your desire. It could also signify spiritual growth.

A dream about a panda attacking or chasing you symbolizes that you are breaking barriers and overcoming obstacles to win a competition.

Seeing a panda dying in your dream stands for the difficulties you are facing in making a compromise in your waking life.

A flying panda expresses your desire to break the social stereotypes and become free.

A giant panda showing up in your dream advises you to stop multitasking and relax a bit.

To see the baby or cub of a panda implies that you need to be compassionate and caring towards others.

The appearance of a panda’s face indicates an endless supply of wealth.

Although rare, a dream about Kung Fu Panda embodies vulnerability, immaturity, and carelessness.

Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism of a Panda in Different Cultures

In Bible

The panda is seen within the biblical framework as an unusual ancestral living being that has enough capacity for self-survival. Some Christians consider it to be a subject of frustration waiting eagerly for God’s help.

In Japanese Culture

During the Tang dynasty, a pair of pandas was sent by Empress Wu Zetian to the Japanese emperor. The practice is still followed today as a sign of diplomacy.

In Chinese Culture

In China, a panda symbolizes peace, friendship, and harmony. Given as presents to royalty, the black and white markings on its body represent yin and yang energy. During a war, if someone raised the image of a panda, it stood for a temporary truce.

as a Symbol of WWF

The giant panda logo of WWF stemmed from a panda called Chi Chi that was kept at the London Zoo in 1958. Since it had unique physical creatures and was also an endangered animal, the organization couldn’t think of any better symbol that could cross all language barriers.

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