Rooster Meaning and Symbolism

What Does a Rooster Symbolize

A rooster symbolizes observance, masculinity, bravery, honesty, prudence, pride, strength, positivity, enthusiasm, and sexuality.

A red rooster stands for fiery passion and protection, while the white ones symbolize success and power.

Having a Rooster As Your Spirit Animal

Those with the rooster as their spirit animal are high on energy, with a fiery spirit and an immense passion. They even possess an enthusiastic and witty nature. Such individuals are also optimistic, knowing how to learn from their past mistakes and move on. They can utilize every opportunity coming in their way to the maximum. The rooster spirit guide even prompts one to have a humorous side to their character, helping them remain jovial.

Rooster Symbolism Spirit Animal Dream

What Does it Spiritually Mean to See a Rooster

Seeing a rooster when your life is haywire may serve as a wakeup call, urging you to adopt vigilance and caution. It would also help to boost your physical and spiritual energies to the fullest.

Rooster Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a rooster has several implications, one of the most significant ones being that it serves as a wakeup call warning you to be serious in life by changing your perspective and thought processes. Having a vision of it, especially if you or someone close to you is pregnant could hint at the birth of a male child.

A rooster crowing when it is dawn It means that you should not hold back from saying or revealing something immensely important
A rooster involved in a cockfight Might warn you to control your feelings of anger and aggression
Killing or slaughtering a rooster Reflects the negative emotions in one’s mind, and also symbolizes the loss of self-control or power

Rooster Symbolism In Different Religions and Cultures 

In Christianity

It stands for the passion of Christ alongside resurrection, vigilance, and repentance.

In Buddhism

It is a negative symbol, standing for lust and greed.

In Zoroastrianism

The roosters represent honor, and is also considered as a symbol of triumph.

In Chinese Culture

The bird is considered as one among the twelve Chinese zodiac signs representing honesty, and courage.
In Feng shui, a red rooster, when painted on the walls of a home, would ensure protection against fire. At the same time, a white one would shield the household from demons or any other evil forces.

In Japanese Culture

They are considered pious and holy in Japan, allowed to run freely around the Shinto temples.

In Portuguese Culture

It represents peace, equity, and truth.

In Jewish Culture

It stands for honesty and bravery.

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