Sloth Meaning and Symbolism

What Does a Sloth Symbolize

A sloth symbolizes slow movement, relaxation, lack of ambition, peace, and avoidance. Aided with the ability to turn its head almost 270 degrees, it also embodies psychic vision.

As Your Spirit Animal (Totem Animal)

To have a sloth as a spirit animal means that you are caring, considerate, pleasant, and compatible. Being fully sure of how to enjoy life, you remain easygoing in your dealings, taking things at your own pace. Naturally, you are an escapist and a loner; you don’t care about defending your views and prefer to conserve your energy without flaring up at every issue.

However, just as you do not much like following others, you also highly dislike if people meddle in your affairs.

You are adaptable and know how to tackle adverse situations and plan your next move. If ever you want to make yourself known, you work hard to obtain a place of significance in the world.

Sloth Symbolism Spirit Animal Dream

Dreaming about Sloths

Dreams of sloths may either point to your relaxed nature or trigger you to allocate your energy and time to doing something more productive. They may also embody love and kindness.

Dreams with white sloths embody blessings and harmony.

A baby sloth’s dream stands for vulnerability and innocence.

A dead sloth in your dream refers to a great opportunity that may change your life.

Spiritual Meaning in Different Religions

In Christianity

Regarded as one of the deadly sins, sloths represent behaviors that are strictly not accepted by the church.

In Buddhism

Here, they are known as “thina middha” or one of the 5 nirvanas that help people to find out the truth.

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