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Wasp Meaning and Symbolism

What Does a Wasp Symbolize

A wasp symbolizes involvement, order, development, teamwork, construction, challenge, communication, efficiency, fertility, and intelligence. Being a creature of the spring season, it also embodies new beginnings.

Symbolic Meaning of Queen Wasps

Queen wasps stand for fertility and abundance.

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Having a Wasp as Your Spirit Animal (Totem Animal)

To have a wasp as your spirit animal means you own an exciting personality that allows you to project two different sides in various situations, thereby challenging the very attributes you uphold like trust, intimacy, and commitment. Consequently, such personality shifts lead to chaos and misunderstandings in your relations.

Being comfortable in social as well as individual situations, you make friends easily and remain relaxed throughout. You also prefer to share your thoughts with others, thereby reflecting your ability to think ahead. But, though charming, you practice an easy detachment when you feel drawn towards romance. Wishing to preserve your freedom, you refrain from getting committed to serious relationships.

You also face difficulty in dealing with authoritative figures.

Wasp Symbolism Spirit Animal Dream

What Does it Mean When You Dream About Wasps

Wasps in dreams generally refer to your evil friends or negative feelings of anger, temptations, etc. Also, they may either reflect your inner feelings of harming someone or that you would be taken advantage of by others.

A wasp’s attack from every direction is an indication of your being assaulted (either physically or verbally) by some person.

A dream about being stung by a wasp suggests feelings of hatred or envy towards you.

Seeing a wasp’s nest indicates frustration, unhappiness or disappointment. Dreaming of killing a wasp reflects your fearlessness in overcoming your opponents.

A dream of being swarmed by wasps points to the mental agony you’d encounter on being challenged by your enemies.

A wasp struck in your hair implies your life’s goals that are relevant for realizing your dreams.

Wasps coming out of your ears are an indication of yourself being a source of good or bad news to others.

Wasps emanating from your mouth signify gossip, whereas, those protruding from eyes refer to your disinclination to pay heed to truths.

A wasp’s bite mirrors your raging frustrations.

A wasp struck in your nose stands for love, enjoyment, and solidarity.

A dead wasp’s dream symbolizes convenience, love, and amicability.

A dream about wasps in your house promises an improvement in your present circumstances.

A huge or giant wasp is a reflection of your inner fear.

A queen wasp stands for gratification, sodality, and fidelity.

A recurring wasp’s dream refers to feelings of irritation bothering your subconsciousness.

Dream Interpretations for Different Colored Wasps

Red wasps signify your internal aggression.

White wasps imply calmness and peace.

Green wasps symbolize secretive habits.

Black wasps in ear refer to unforeseen difficulties.

Spiritual and Symbolic Meaning of Wasps in the Bible, and Shamanism

In the Bible

The hornet, a large wasp, is mentioned several times in the Old Testament, and in each case, it appears in the context of God chasing his adversaries out of the land of Cannan.

In Shamanism

Since a wasp embodies two different sides according to shamanic beliefs, it’s best to use them to your advantage so as to achieve great heights.

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what's my spirit animal quiz?

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