Woodpecker Meaning and Symbolism

What Does a Woodpecker Symbolize

The woodpecker symbolizes energy, attention, determination, creativity, innovation, passion, uniqueness, intellect, protection, and wisdom.

The colors on the woodpecker’s body come with a host of symbolic meanings. Their red-colored head, stands for wisdom and stimulation of mental faculties. The black and white colors on their feathers mean clarity of thoughts and action, spiritual strength, creativity, simplicity, determination, and focus. The black woodpecker in totality represents harmony and balance.

Woodpecker As Your Spirit Animal (Totem Animal)

The woodpecker is known for its intelligence. Its trait of foraging and drumming the bark of trees is associated with its urge to acquire new ideas and know about new things. With the bird as your spirit animal, you, too, would have a sharp brain and possess the zeal of gathering knowledge about aspects of life unknown to you.

Such people have a sense of responsibility; they adhere to the daily routine, yet not missing out on enjoying life.

They are at their creative best, having an artistic bent of mind, also possessing a knack for traveling, as well as knowing about different cultures.

With the bird as their totem, such individuals are a pleasure to have around. They would always entertain all with their charismatic charm and talkative nature.

The woodpecker is known for its hard work as it has to toil a lot to obtain its food. You, too, would display such perseverance and dedication in anything that you do.

They also have high regard for their family, giving more priority to the needs of their near and dear ones rather their own.

Forgiving and moving on rather than brooding over the past are considered as their significant traits.

Being overdramatic, exaggerating, and sulking when things do not go as per their expectations are the negative aspects of people with the bird as their spirit guide. Such individuals tend to hold on to people or a particular situation for long, even if it is no more associated with their lives.

Woodpecker Symbolism Spirit Animal Dream

Seeing a Woodpecker

Seeing a woodpecker indicates that you should not be too open about your aims and ambitions, as that could put you at risk of not achieving them. It also serves as a warning to be aware and cautious of those who cannot see you shine or excel in life. If you come across the bird when you are going through a bad phase in life, it may have visited you to encourage you not to give up. Another aspect of seeing the woodpecker could be a warning of maintaining a balance between kindness and alertness, lest people could take undue advantage.

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

It means that you should understand your mental faculties and put them into action.

Woodpecker Pecking At a Tree

This is a positive omen, symbolizing victory in achieving a particular goal. It also pecks into your thought process, urging you to embrace the new opportunities at hand.

Woodpecker in a Dream

Dreaming of a woodpecker indicates that you need to be increasingly attentive about your present life. It may also alert you of not to take your present and future for granted.

Holding a woodpecker reveals your desire to change your demeanor and to display kindness.

Seeing the bird in a woodland or park indicates your urge for communication with other people.

Trying to get hold of the bird implies your urge to focus more on yourself.

Admiring a woodpecker in your dreams means you have immense adoration for someone hardworking

A dead woodpecker is a warning of a conflict you might go through in your workplace, particularly with your boss.

A woodpecker flying in your dream is an indication that you are not satisfied with your present state and need a change.

Having a vision of the bird watching you reflects your inner peace and also indicates the pleasant relation you may have with your family.

Being attacked by a woodpecker reveals the stress and turmoil you may be in.

To shoot and kill a woodpecker indicates that the direction you are following in life is not right, and you need to reconsider your goals.

Spiritual Meaning in Different Cultures

In Native American culture

Native Americans, particularly the Prairies, considered them the protector of humanity.

In Roman culture

Romans associated the woodpecker with Mars, and also considered it as a totem animal for the Aries zodiac. The Roman myth also mentions the woodpecker helping Remus and Romulus, Rome’s founder, by providing them food when they were abandoned.

In Greek culture

Greeks considered the woodpecker as a good luck charm, also associating them with divine powers.

In Russian culture

In Russian and other Slavic tradition, woodpeckers were linked to mystery, also thought to have magical powers. According to a few Slavic people, a black woodpecker meant bad luck, leading to illness or death if crossing one’s path. Besides this, different cultures have a host of folklores related to the woodpecker. Some considered it as beekeepers and carpenters who toiled hard even on Sundays. The red feathers seen on their head was associated with fire.

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