April Birthstones: Colors, Symbolism and Healing Properties

What is the Birthstone for April

Diamond, a precious, white gem, is the primary birthstone for those born in April, symbolizing invincibility, courage, beauty, royalty, and everlasting love.

April birthstones are best suited for the second (1st to 10th April) and third decade (11th to 19th April) Arians as well as the first decade(20th to 30th April) Taureans.

April Birthstone


Healing Properties of Diamond as the April Birthstone

  • Enhances imagination and creativity
  • Instills feelings of joy
  • Induces self-worth  and self-love
  • Releases negative energies and rejuvenates the mind
  • Relieves anxiety and fear
  • Helps to overcome nightmares and promotes a good night’s sleep

Specific Properties of the April Birthstone in Other Colors

Besides the white or transparent shade, the diamond comes in a whole lot of colors:

Pink: Enhances creativity and perfect for women in the dancing and writing profession

Red: Stabilizes life, relieves stress and helps in emotional wellbeing

Yellow: Represents intellect, knowledge, and wisdom

Blue: Promotes peace, serenity, and calmness

Green: Stands for abundance and prosperity, ushering a new beginning

Purple: Brings in calmness and balance to one’s life

Brown: Keeps one grounded with a practical frame of mind

Black: Stands for power and eternal love

Other April Gemstones

Sapphire – Promotes inner peace, helps to overcome depression

Jasper – Maintains overall health and minimizes negative energy

Topaz – Intensifies physical strength and has talismanic properties

Coral – Increases imagination, strengthens the bone and circulatory system

Amber – Enhances creativity and intellect, increases self-confidence

Emerald – Helps maintain peace and harmony, keeps negative thoughts at bay

Bloodstone – Acts as an energy booster and provides courage

Aventurine – Relieves stress and has calming properties

Consulting a professional astrologer would help in going for the birthstone suiting your personality the best.

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