December Birthstones: Color, Symbolism and Healing Properties

The primary birthstones for December include tanzanite, zircon, and turquoise. Zircon, a sky blue gem symbolizes honor, prosperity, and earthly powers, tanzanite, deep blue in color stands for spiritual salvation, while turquoise, a bluish-green stone represents positivity, creativity, spirituality, serenity, and wisdom.

The December birthstones mostly suit the second (2nd to 11th December) and third (12th to 21st December) decade Sagittarians and the first decade (22nd to 31st December) Capricorns.

December Birthstone

Healing Properties of December Birthstones


  • Has soothing and calming properties
  • Helps in positive awakening
  • Boosts the immune system, has detoxifying properties and good for those undergoing surgery or any medical treatment
  • Relieves stress and tension as it has meditative properties

The Masai herders were first credited to have discovered these blue crystals while herding livestock in the hilly areas near Tanzania. Manuel d’ Souza, a prospector, was intimidated about this find and ushered the government to start mining. Tiffany & Co. credited for its distribution named this stone tanzanite to identify its geographical distribution.

Apart from blue, its prime shade, tanzanite occurs in shades of yellow, brown, pink, violet, yellow and gray, all of which have stress-relieving, calming and healing properties like the primary color.


  • Induces feelings of joy and love
  • Enhances wisdom
  • Provides motivation and guidance
  • For abundance and prosperity
  • Brings in feelings of contentment in the wearer
  • Helps to keep one grounded

Zircon, the earth’s oldest mineral existing for over 4 billion years was said to have sleep-inducing properties as well as the capacity to ward off bad sight in the Middle Ages. The cloudy and smoky appearance of this jewelry made it apt to wear for mourning.

Other Colors of Zircon As a Birthstone

Yellow: Brings in prosperity

This stone is also found in shades of gray, orange, red, black and yellow.


  • Brings in wealth, abundance and good luck
  • Stabilizes mood swings
  • Helps ward off negative energies
  • Enhances creativity and self-realization
  • Good for lessening pains and cramps
  • Boosts immune system

The history of turquoise is early as 3000 BCE, with these gemstones found in the Egyptian tombs. The oldest turquoise mines have been found in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. Egyptians perceived this gem to be a symbol of joy and delight while the ancient Persians used it for decorating palace domes since it symbolized heaven due to its sky blue hue. They even wore jewelry made of this tone on their crown and turbans as they believed that it could warn them of evil by changing color.

Other hues of turquoise include yellowish-brown, black or brown all of which possess the same attributes of the blue turquoise stone.

Other December Gemstones

Onyx – Relieves stress, grief, and confusion, and enhances physical and emotional strength as well as stamina

Ruby – Instills confidence and feelings of joy and brings in happiness

Chrysoprase – Brings in abundance, prosperity, happiness, joy, and love, and helps to minimize depression

Lapis lazuli – Helps developing self-awareness and self-expression, intensifies creativity, brings in confidence and clarity

Garnet – Brings in feelings of love, courage, and passion

Beryl – Helps release emotional trauma and assists in overcoming difficulties

Amethyst – Gives emotional balance and helps with problems of the nervous system

The choice of appropriate birthstones may be obtained by seeking help from a professional astrologer.

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