July Birthstones: Colors, Symbolism and Healing Properties

What is the Birthstone for July

Ruby, a pinkish or blood-red gemstone is the birthstone apt for July, symbolizing courage, good luck, emotion, passion, and love.

July birthstones are a perfect match for the Cancerians of the second (1st to 11th July) and third decade (12th to 22nd July) and Leos of the first decade (23rd July to 1st August).

July Birthstone

Healing Properties of Ruby as the July Birthstone

  • Increases energy levels
  • Instills positivity
  • Sharpens the intellect and wit
  • Helps one to be fearless and take risks in life
  • Soothes hyperactivity
  • Has detoxifying properties

Ruby, derived from ‘ruber’, a Latin word, meaning red, has an immense significance historically, mentioned four times in the Bible because of the attributes of wisdom and beauty associated with it. In Sanskrit, it is referred to as the king of all precious stones. In Burma, this precious stone was a prized possession to be invincible in a battle. Because of its high value, it is a symbol of a couple’s fortieth anniversary.

Other July Gemstones

Onyx – Relieves emotional turmoil and eliminates negativity

Diamond – Strengthens bonds, instills trust, intensifies creativity

Carnelian – Symbolizes motivation, courage, strength and endurance

Sardonyx – Brings in happiness and courage, also helping in clear communication

Moonstone –Enhances mental strength, lessens emotional instability and lessens stress

Sapphire – Promotes overall healing, and increases mental clarity

Pearl – Stands for purity, innocence, and faith, helps increasing attention span

Tourmaline –Induces self-confidence and inspiration, helps to lessen fear

To help the birthstones function positively to enrich your personality in a better way, always seek an expert’s advice.

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