May Birthstones: Colors, Symbolism and Healing Properties

What is the Birthstone for May

Emerald, green in color, is the birthstone, significant for May borns, symbolizing wisdom, beauty, love, fertility, patience, and rebirth.

May birthstones are apt for the second (1st to 10th May) and third decade (11th to 20th May) Taureans and first decade Geminians (21st to 31st May).

May Birthstone

Healing Properties of Emerald as the May Birthstone

  • Instills patience
  • Enhances, unity, unconditional love as well as friendship
  • Wards off feelings of negativity
  • Increases clarity of thought and wisdom
  • Helps to treat conditions lungs heart, spine and muscular system
  • Ensures overall healing

Specific Properties of the May Birthstone in Other Colors

Though green is the primary color of emerald, it is also available in shades of yellowish-green and bluish-green. These stones replicate the healing properties of the green emerald, providing a soothing and calming effect.

This gemstone has been immensely popular in Egypt, mined about 2.97 billion years ago.  The mummies were buried with an emerald alongside their grave having the symbol of verdure on it, representing greenness and youth. Cleopatra, the famous Egyptian queen had an immense fascination towards this stone, even claiming to have ownership over a lot of emerald mines.

Other May Gemstones

Coral – Intensifies imagination and strengthens bones as well as the circulatory system        

Aventurine – Enhances intelligence, perception, and creativity

Agate – Calms and soothes the mind, and increases concentration

Citrine – Brings in prosperity, imparts delight, wonder, joy, and enthusiasm

Pearl – Stands for innocence, loyalty, sincerity, and purity

Tiger’s Eye – Brings in good luck, promotes mental clarity and helps one remain focus

Amber – Instills wisdom and patience, assists in decision-making, enhances creativity

Carnelian – Provides motivation, courage, and feelings of positivity

Turquoise – Promotes overall healing and boosts immunity

When selecting the birthstones for yourself, do not forget to seek the opinion of a professional who would guide you on what gemstone to opt for to successfully bring out your positive traits and help correct the negative ones.

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