The Four of Pentacles Tarot (4 of Pentacles Tarot)

What is the Four of Pentacles Tarot

The Four of Pentacles is a card that belongs to the second suit (Pentacles) of the fifty-six cards called Minor Arcana in a traditional seventy-eight tarot card deck. Used for both playing and divination, its suit element is earth.

How is the Four of Pentacles Depicted in the Tarot Card

A man in red clothing with a blue trim, wearing a crown, is sitting on a cubic stone with his feet resting on two pentacles laid flat on the ground. The third pentacle is cradled in his arms while the fourth one sits on his crown. He has a faint smile on his face while his eyes appear darker than usual.

In the background lies a beautiful landscape of a modern city while the sky above is plain gray.

Meaning of Four of Pentacles in the Tarot Card

The 4 of Pentacles represents financial security, self-satisfaction, and strong material possessions. The holding of the third pentacle by the man tightly signify defense, fear of loss, and insecurity. The other three pentacles are a symbolism of possessiveness and selfishness. His red and blue clothing illustrate passion and introspection. The cubic stone stands for stability and flawlessness.

The city landscape in the background refers to plenty of opportunities and options.

The Four of Pentacles As a Person (Significator)

It represents a person who craves for power, fame, and wealth. Such people are stubborn, self-centric, and highly possessive about their material gains. Since they have a habit of resisting change, life teaches them hard lessons.

As Feelings

You might feel a bit secured about your possessions, seeking comfort and happiness from them. In most cases, you seem worried about the safety of your personal properties due to fear of loss.

As Action/Advise

The card advises you to be careful about your vital resources by building a proper structure and security system for their protection. Even though you have a lot at this point in time, do not carelessly squander it.

The Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning: Upright

The Four of Pentacles

Keywords: Comfort-seeker, materialism, high status, financial safety, possession, stability, control

Interpretation: In this position, it could mean that you have gained immense wealth and accomplished all your goals, but still you want to play safe with money. You are being extremely possessive about your accumulated financial resources, fearing that someone might take them away.

Though you are doing financially and practically well, giving excessive importance to materialistic stuff will make you a narrow-minded miser. Also, you should remember that nothing remains stable for long. Henceforth, you must work harder to sustain a decent standard of living.

In Love and Relationship Reading

Keywords: Materialistic love, a superficial show of care and support

Interpretation: Those who are in a relationship might have a greedy intention, valuing money over love. Either you or your partner might only want to keep the alliance working due to the money factor involved.

The ones who are single are only interested in seeking a well-to-do partner.

Four of Pentacles Tarot Reading in Other Situations

Career and Work: It could mean that you are in a stable position at your workplace with a hefty pay. However, you seem to isolate yourself from others as you fear to lose the designation.

Finance and Business: You can stay worry-free at this point in time as there will be a major flow of money in your life. Besides your growing bank account, you will be lucky in winning lotteries and getting inherited properties.

Health: If you are suffering from any illness, it’s all due to mental anxiety and negative thinking. The more positive you the better are your chances of improvement.

The Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning: Reversed

The Four of Pentacles

Keywords: Selfishness, avarice, materialism, insecurity, defensive

Interpretation: In the upside-down position, the card indicates that your extreme possessiveness over materialistic wealth will turn into greed and miserliness. You will be continuously worried about losing your wealth and becoming penniless. Alternately, it may also mean that you might be overspending lately.

The 4 of Pentacles advises you to come out of your comfort zone and stop worrying unnecessarily about your financial status. Let yourself a bit loose and focus on development.

In Love and Relationship Reading

Keywords: Lack of quality time, neglect

Interpretation: You have been so much engrossed with your financial dealings that your partner no longer gets to spend time. If you continue like this, don’t expect the relationship to last long.               

Four of Pentacles Tarot Reversed Reading in Other Situations

Career and Work: You might be a bit adjustable in your work environment, helping your coworkers by giving new ideas, solutions, and new plans. Learn to concentrate on the other aspects of your job so that the money factor does affect you.

Finance and Business: It is not possible to live with the constant feeling of insecurity and instability. If you want to protect your finances, learn the smart ways to invest properly. Getting indulged in stockbroking and gambling will only make your situation negative.

Health: The card suggests you let out your negative energy and resume a normal life to keep your health in good shape.

The Four of Pentacles in Different Positions in a Tarot Spread

Past: Any kind of gains in terms of materials and wealth should not cling onto for too long. Just move on with your life and appreciate the other facets.

Present: If you continue being possessive about inanimate things without letting the go, you would be repenting in the later part of your life. So think well and decide what you want.

Future: Though the future promises material security and wealth gains, you can still imagine how someone can only be happy about materialism. You should bring your emotions into play and act a bit normal.

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