Dreaming About Moths – Meaning and Interpretation

Moths are often associated with death and the afterlife, so it’s natural to get worried after such a dream. However, their association with transformation, survival and new beginnings may actually give your dream a positive meaning. Usually, a moth appearing in your dream may be a wake-up call for you to reconnect with your inner self. Learn to love and respect yourself first if you want to achieve anything in life.

On a slightly different note, it could also be a warning for you to listen to your inner voice before putting your faith in the wrong people.

What Does it Mean When You Dream of a Moth

To understand the true meaning of any dream, you need to pay attention to the surroundings and details of the dream. If a moth has appeared in your dream, it is probably trying to get some message across to you. It will most definitely have something to do with whatever’s going on in your life, and you are the only one who can decipher the message.

Based on the exact emotions you were feeling, the colors, and actions, your dream can have a specific meaning that will be evident only to you. Here are some dreams with their possible meanings. Remember, your dream may combine two or more scenarios described here, and then you can combine their meanings to find what you are seeking.

1. A moth flying high towards a light source points to your ambition and determination to achieve something. Seek out the point of light in whatever situation you are in, and do not get distracted till you reach it. If you see a candle or a fire as the source of light, it could mean that though you are striving to achieve something in life, it might actually be something harmful or dangerous.

2. Recurrent dreams of moths or seeing lots of moths together may mean that the spirits beyond want you to really take a minute to reconsider your goals. Stop for a moment and be honest with yourself – do you really want the things you are chasing so hard in life? Will they make you happy?

3. If you see yourself killing a moth, maybe you are losing faith in yourself over something that’s going on in your life. You are slowly accepting your fate and giving up the fight.

4. On the other hand, if a dead moth appears in your dream, it might mean you are putting too much emphasis on your own thoughts and desires. It is hurting those around you, and it might even result in you losing your loved ones. It could also result in difficulties between you and someone closely associated with you at work. Try to be a little more sensitive towards others’ feelings.

5. Moths in your mouth could be a message from your own subconscious that something amazing will soon be coming from within. It stands for your persistence and determination and urges you to work harder at whatever you are trying to achieve.

6. The appearance of a giant moth usually signifies a problem in your life that you long to overcome but are unable to do so. The size of the moth represents the magnitude of the problem in your mind. But before you get too worried, it is also a message that you can eventually overcome it through believing in yourself.

7. If you see a moth attacking you, it means you are trying to protect yourself from getting hurt emotionally after a failed attempt, it could be something at work or a relationship you were giving a try. Do not try to protect yourself at the expense of others’ feelings. Instead, keep faith that you can overcome everything – what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

8. If a moth lands on you, it might mean that you feel frustrated at someone trying to invade your freedom and personal space. You wish for them to leave you alone, and for that, you need to speak up.

9. Seeing moths and butterflies together may stand for some striking reformation stored for you in a near future. It might be through changing your job or through some drastic change in your personal life. Whether it will be a good or bad one depends on your own perspective.

Different Colored Moths in Dreams

When you are trying to interpret a dream, it’s important to consider if there were any striking colors in the dream. Here’s what the color of the moth you saw might mean:

White: It may be a nod towards your habit of hiding away from situations that don’t affect you directly. You are not driven enough to find solutions to issues that might not be hurting you right now. But your inner self is urging you to get more active in dealing with these things before they get too big.

Black: It’s a warning for a coming loss – may be a significant financial loss, or the death of someone really close to you. Whatever it is, it is going to have a considerable impact on your life, and the moth spirit is here to give you a heads-up.

Brown: It implies your situation in life – you probably feel like you are blending in the crowd in your life, and want to be recognized. At the same time, you like being in the background safely. Make up your mind and work towards being noticed for your efforts because it is now or never.

Green: Just how a green moth is great at being camouflaged in plain sight, you are probably looking for some answers in life that are right in front of you. You just need to open your eyes to see them.

Yellow: It appears to let you know that you subconsciously seek to be free from your responsibilities. Take some time for yourself – despite your difficult situation, show some self-love to let yourself know how much you value your worth. If you are still not sure what the moth spirit is trying to tell you, find out what moths symbolize in general. It can help you understand your dream better.

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