Angel Number 11 Meaning and Symbolism

What Does the Angel Number 11 Mean

Number 11 is a master number since it is formed by taking two ones together, leaving a more significant impact and a more intense vibration. Angel number 11 stands for spiritual awakening and enlightenment needed to attain complete solace.

Number 11 Numerological Facts

Ruling Planet: Moon

Star Sign:  Aquarius

Tarot Card: Justice

Significance of the Number ‘11’

Angel number 11 stands for strong intuitive powers making one emphatic and helping them serve others with compassion.

The number even symbolizes creativity and innovation. If one has the ability and talent, they should make good use of it and even share their skills with others.

It also means starting afresh and treading on a new path, leaving old baggage behind.

11 represent positivity, urging one to eliminate every such thing be it an experience or people from their life that brings in a negative vibe.

In the Bible, number 11 means just the reverse of number 10 that stands for order, harmony, and responsibility. Number 11 stands for disorder and chaos that result from the irresponsibility of breaking or defying the law.

Seeing Number ‘11’ Everywhere?

You could be seeing 11 singly or in a series in the form of phone numbers, bus numbers, bill amount, or house numbers quite frequently. Don’t pass it off as a mere coincidence, as it could be an important message from your angels. The symbolic meanings of number 11 sighting are as follows:

The time has come to do all those things that would bring satisfaction and joy to your life. For instance, if painting is your foray, accommodate some time from your day to day life to pursue this hobby of yours.

Through this number, the angels are sending you a wakeup call to get out of your mundane self and know and realize your higher self. To do so, you would need to walk on the spiritual paths, that would give you salvation, helping you lead a fulfilling life.

New opportunities are on your way, so stay vigilant and don’t fail to grab them once they come to you. Like, you are planning for a job change and during the same duration, you bump into a friend after an eon who is on the lookout for someone to fill in a position in her company. This is how things happen by chance, and you should avail whatever you get than just passing it off.

Follow your instincts and do what your heart tells you; it would keep you happy and contented.

Seeing this number at a time when you are going through a troubled phase in your relationship with your partner or spouse means that your problems would solve soon, and your equation will get better with every passing time.

On the contrary, the number also stands for new beginnings and if your relationship cannot get mended at all, perhaps it is an indication to call it off and start all over again.

Spiritual Meaning of Number 11 in Your Dream

Get ready for a lot of interesting things that life is to present to you soon.

You could soon get into a partnership in your personal or professional life. This may mean that a romantic relation or marriage is on the cards, or you could even enter into a business venture with an acquaintance.

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