The Star Tarot

What is Star Tarot

The Star Tarot is the seventeenth (XVII) card in a suit of twenty-two cards called the trumps or Major Arcana in a traditional 78 tarot card deck. It is used for both playing and divination. The card’s ruling planet is Uranus, and its element is air.

How is the Star Depicted in the Tarot Card

The Moon is a nude female figure kneeling on the grass at the edge of a pond and holding a clay pitcher in each hand. Her one foot is on the ground while the other in the water. She pours water from the left pitcher into the pond that falls in concentric ripples. Simultaneously, she pours water from the right pitcher onto a green landscape in five rivulets.

The sky above her is illuminated with a large golden yellow star surrounded by small seven eight-pointed stars.

In the background, there is a tree on the hills on which sits a bird.

What Does the Star Mean in the Tarot Card

The Star is an embodiment of chastity, vulnerability, and generosity. It is a sign of hope, giving you the inspiration to move ahead in life. The foot placed on the land signifies common sense and practical abilities while the one in the water represents intuition and inner voice. The water, falling from left pitcher stand for fertility and nourishment. On the other hand, the five rivulets refer to our five senses.

The water in the pond symbolizes the rise of fears and emotions above the unconscious.

The large yellow star is associated with hope and strength while the seven small stars represent the seven chakras, planets or alchemy metals.

The tree on the hills stand for the mind, and the bird on it is an Ibis, the Egyptian mythological symbol of Thoth and Hermes who were the carriers of wisdom.

The Star as a Person (Signifier)

The card refers to someone who does not hesitate to give clear, true, and unpretentious views.

The Star Tarot Card Meaning: Upright

The Star Tarot

Symbolism: Courage, contentment, hope, faith, inspiration, confidence

Interpretation: It indicates that you are going through a positive phase in your life filled with energy, mental stability, calmness, and a deeper understanding of yourself. The tough challenges you have endured in the past are helping you to undergo a complete transformation and embrace new opportunities.

As per the card’s advice, you need to bring significant changes in your personality and see life from a fresh perspective.

In Love Reading

Symbolism: Renewal, long-term commitment, closeness

Interpretation: If you are seeking new love, the appearance of the card in the upright position suggests a bright period ahead where you will meet new people and get a positive outcome.

The ones who are in a committed relationship would be going out more on romantic dates and rekindle their love.

Star Tarot Card Readings in Other Situations

Career and Work: You are more likely to get satisfaction and contentment doing a job of your choice. If you feel stuck up, this is the right time to rewrite your resume and grab the new opportunities coming your way.

Business and Finance: The Star indicates a good financial year ahead. Whatever money you have invested in bonds and shares would give exceptional returns now.

Health: If you have been worrying lately about any minor health problem, stay relaxed as you will recover soon.

The Star Tarot Card Meaning: Reversed

The Star Tarot Card Reversed

Symbolism: Low self-esteem, negative thoughts, discouragement

Interpretation: In the upside down position, its appearance means that you are feeling defeated and distorted as a result of some negative events occurring in your life. Despite positive possibilities, you are lacking enthusiasm carrying out the day-to-day routines, and getting bogged down in the process.

The card suggests you identify the cause of your disappointment and work on moving past any negative issues.

In Love Reading

Symbolism: Doubtfulness, infidelity, delusion, breakup

Interpretation: You are no longer sure how long your relationship will last due to self-doubt and insecurity. Cast away your apprehensions and try to rebuild your future together with your partner.

The Star Tarot in Different Positions in a Tarot Spread

Past: Your strong intuitive and improvisational skills have given you the right place in life. It may also suggest that you feel lost facing the unexpected reality.

Present: Several ideas and thoughts are crossing your mind right now. You are eager to contribute something to humanity through your efforts.

Future: Don’t let your hopes die as you will soon find a solution to your problems and emerge successfully.

Star Tarot Meaning in Combination with Other Cards

The Fool Indicates that you believe in the higher power
The Magician Symbolizes trickery, deception, and dishonesty
The High Priestess Suggests disappointment in love
The Empress Promises fulfillment of desires and wishes
The Emperor Signifies a peaceful state of mind
The Hierophant Advises you to have strong faith in yourself
The Lovers Indicates reconciliation with your former partner
The Chariot Stands for a powerful spiritual journey
The Strength Throws light on your tendency to complicate things
The Hermit Suggests the need to be alone
The Wheel of Fortune Stands for knowledge and self-improvement
The Justice Stresses the need to give useful opinions
The Hanged Man Implies that anyone can easily mislead you
The Death Means quick recovery from a prolonged illness
The Temperance Reflects your difficulty in contacting with the inner self
The Devil Shows your ability to inspire others
The Tower Suggests you to stop being conscious about your physical appearance
The Moon Focuses on your genuine efforts
The Sun Advises you to respect your superiors
The Judgment Motivates you to work towards your goals
The World Urges you to improve your productivity

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