The Death Tarot

What is the Death Tarot

The Death is the thirteenth card in a suit of twenty-two cards, called the trumps or the Major Arcana in a traditional 78-card tarot deck. It is used both in game playing as well as in divination. The ruling planet of the Death Tarot is Pluto and its element is Water.

How is the Death in the Tarot Card Depicted

The card often depicts Azrael, the mythical Angel of Death. The card of Death generally portrays a complete human skeleton bearing a dreadful face, clad in a black armor, and often riding a black horse, holding a sickle, which again is the direct symbol of death. The skeleton is surrounded by a number of corpses, and those dying. They come from all classes of the society, including monarchs, bishops, as also the common people.

What Does the Death Mean in the Tarot Card

The Death in the card represents invincibility, purity, bravery, sacrifice, and realization. Tarot experts believe that the death card does not actually imply the death of the human body, or the physical death itself, but it is just the termination of mundane or humanly things like relationship, interest, etc., and hence, relates to the development of the mind and reaching the level of consciousness.

The Death as a Person (Signifier)

The death tarot could indicate someone who is always surrounded by many different kinds of friends since they have very nominal oddities in them and are always interesting to others. They also love excitement, sensuality, sex, and are quite different from the others for which they are proud. The seeker also has a spiritual side which they often want to hide from others and might end up being loners. They also have a love of knowledge and are good at keeping secrets.

The Death Tarot Card Meaning: Upright

The Death Tarot

Keywords: Letting attachments go, termination, beginnings, severe illness, conspicuous change, failure, mortality.

Interpretation: It symbolizes the termination of a significant aspect of your life, which in turn might bring in the beginning of something else more valuable. Though you might initially find it difficult to move on with new things and changes, eventually it’s you who would be the gainer.

In Love Reading

Keyword: End of a relation

Interpretation: For couples, a frank discussion may be needed about your relationship, and it’s for you to decide whether you still want to be with the person, or break up. Either way, happiness is always there for you, waiting, and it’s for us to move out and find it.

Death Tarot Card Readings in Other Conditions

Education: Education might be on the cards, but you might need to face tough competitors or even such situations that might stand as a hurdle, keeping you from reaching your goal. Be aware of anyone’s sinister intentions in your educational front – school, college, university, and so on.

Career and Finance: If you do not like your job, but still do not have plans to leave since it’s your source of steady income, or else, you are underemployed, it’s time you leave your job at your own times since there are high chances of you losing it, either forced or fired.

As for finance, you might need to sacrifice your interests to cope with certain financial challenges. So, do not ignore any such problem you might find arising anew.

Health: You should learn immediately to manage your own stress and keep it under control, if you wish to be in good health. Whichever problem you face, handle it with prudence and diligence and confront it, rather than avoiding the same. All you need is good rest, and refrain from things like alcohol, something that might harm your body.

Reversed Death Tarot Meaning

The Death Tarot Card Reversed

Keywords: Resistance to change, unable to move on

Interpretation: The changes about to come in your life are to be less intense as compared to the upright card.

In Love Reading

Keywords: Self-control, realization, transformation

Interpretation: For those in a relationship, the problems connected to the reverse side are less serious compared to the upright side. Face your problem and try finding out a solution rather than beating your head against the wall.

If you are seeking a new relationship, you might want to consider getting to know more people in a peaceful manner.

The Death in Different Positions in a Tarot Spread

Past: This card is said to be best in the past position since it signifies that you have already gone through the moments of hardship in your life, which you were powerless to resist. Be it a loss of a dear one, or a breakup, the Death in its past state no longer holds that grip in you, and hence can’t capture you anymore.

Present: The present position shows that you are trying hard and gradually whittling yourself down to the minimum in order to cope with a drastic change in your life. This might either be a big breakup, or a stressful situation related to your job or personal property, which you are striving incessantly to get rid of quickly, but in vain, since it is impossible and useless to fight against death. All you need to do is, accept your fate, and wait for the brighter days to arrive.

Future: In the future position, the death card is sarcastic in the sense that, we all know why death is inevitable; nonetheless, we are ever belligerent in resisting it. In its future-term, the card is indicative of forthcoming ‘death’ in a broad sense. It might involve the demise of an old friendship, a secure job, or a relationship that was previously strong.

Death Tarot Meaning in Combination with Other Cards

The Fool Signifies the termination of any kind of relationship, a romantic one or a business partnership
The Magician Any of your partners, financial or conjugal, is having a feeling that your relationship has reached an impasse since you have deceived him or her
The High Priestess The combination signifies that you can perceive that the end of something is nearing
The Empress An old relationship is coming to an end because of a grievance that you have delivered to your partner or the other person
The Emperor Together, both the cards tend to make life fresh, peaceful and orderly, something that is devoid of tyranny
The Hierophant Things are not working out correctly, and getting along with pain, which is mainly because of painful old memories and crisis
The Lovers Hints at the diplomatic attitude and emotional strength in someone in regard to the end of a relationship or friendship
The Chariot Indicates political ambition, or the seeker is an extremely strong-willed person, trying to make things official
The Strength Indicative of the acceptance of what is happening around, and eventually having the faith that everything will be alright
The Hermit Relates to the virtue of self-awareness on a higher level of thinking, and that, the seeker needs some time alone
The Wheel of Fortune Signifies that the seeker is being handled by fate
The Justice Advises to give and surrender to the other, or the higher forces, however, not to the extent of possessiveness, manipulation, and self-destruction
The Hanged Man Means that the seeker has complete understanding as to why a relationship had to end
The Temperance The virtues of patience, balance, slowness, and progress of the seeker might be interrupted by certain unwanted or deceptive situations
The Devil The force of Death and the poser of the Devil not letting things go might make the mind of the seeker obsessed with what is already gone or lost
The Tower The time to sit around and only worrying is over and it’s high time to master the fears, get up and do something
The Star Says that the seeker possesses the ability to be flexible, positive and optimistic that will help make new changes go smoothly
The Moon Some relationship will become deeper, with two people knowing more about each other, thus developing a psychic link
The Sun Wants to say that there is always a silver lining around the bad times in life
The Judgement Indicates that the seeker’s mourning for an end is coming to terms with it, accepting any new thing taking its place
The World Signifies the complete end of an era and the beginning of a new one in any relationship, which is something like a reincarnation

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