The Devil Tarot

What is the Devil Tarot

The Devil (XV) is the 15th card in a suit of twenty-two cards, called the trumps or the Major Arcana in a traditional 78-card tarot deck. It is used in game playing as well as in divination. His element is Earth and ruling planet is Saturn.

How is the Devil in the Tarot Card Depicted

A satyr (half man and half goat) bearing wings of a bat, horns of a ram and hairy face of a goat appears sitting with his right hand raised and his left hand clutching a lit torch. His bushy animal thighs and legs end in talon-like claws that firmly grip on a pedestal bearing a metal ring, to which are chained a naked man and woman with horns and tails. A flame rests on that of the man’s tail, while the woman has a bowl of grapes. An inverted pentagram hangs over the satyr and the background is dark black.

What Does the Devil Mean in the Tarot Card

Ruled by Capricorn, the Devil stands for such an unproductive phase of your life where you live in fear and bondage, thereby restricting the chance to know the truth. He is represented as a satyr that, apart from appearing as lustful and dirty, also comes across as a scapegoat, on whom you generally inflict all your problems and faults.

His wings intending to suck the blood out of his prey signify the loss of vitality that occurs when you blindly pursue raw desires. In fact, the flame and bowl of grapes on the tails of the man and woman are an indication of their addictions to material possessions that if not curbed may degenerate them to the level of the Devil, as indicated by their growing horns and tails. That they need to consciously free themselves of this bondage is implied in the way the chains around their necks are kept loose. The Devil stares at them hypnotically, as if to bring all under his sway.

The inverted pentagram above him stands for the darker side of magic, while the doorless cave stands for the inaccessible realms frequented by the Devil.

The Devil as a Person (Signifier)

How Someone Sees You: The card stands for someone who has a strong inclination towards material things, lacks faith, thinks negatively, and fears the unknown.

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning: Upright

The Devil Tarot

Symbolism: Bondage, addiction, materialism, fear, and temptation

Interpretation: It indicates your fears, addictions and other negative impulses that restrict you and make you contend them as things uncontrollable. Consequently, you fail to move forward or take any constructive step.

You may also feel hopeless or obsessed and even develop a pessimistic view of life.

The card advises you to break free of these negative patterns to bring a positive change in your life.

In Love Reading

Symbolism: Urgency, lack of freedom, unhealthy relationship

Interpretation: If you are single and looking for love, the emergence of an upright card reflects your desperation, something that is most likely to drive away those interested in you. Refrain from searching further, and invest time to know yourself well. Thereafter, resume your quest when you are more composed.

Those in a long-term relationship may find the relationship a burden – a feeling of being trapped somehow. The card initiates you to step back and find out by what means the bond can be saved.

Devil Tarot Card Readings in Other Conditions

Career and Work: The card mirrors your dominant feelings of being trapped in your present job and your inability to leave it for the security it imparts. You need to analyze all relevant details before taking a massive decision regarding leaving.

Business and Finance: You are advised to spend less since the card predicts financial hardships in near future. And, if you require help, openly discuss your problems with others.

Health and Wellness: The card urges you to discern if you are overworked or stressed and thereafter go for appropriate means such as do exercises to improve your condition. Even a chronic health disease must not get a chance to overpower you.

Reversed Devil Tarot Meaning

The Devil Tarot Card Reversed

Symbolism: Detachment, breaking free, divorce

Interpretation: In an upside down position, it refers to your entrapped status by factors such as an unproductive career, debts, or an addiction. These negative events make you adopt a pessimistic view towards life, thereby discouraging you from taking a positive stand.

It may also focus your need for freedom from these bonds.

You must practice detachment from material things so as to triumph over your inner fears and lead a life of motivation and encouragement.

In Love Reading

Symbolism: Depression, loss of physical attraction, and building distance from the loved one

Interpretation: In a long-term relationship, you no longer feel drawn to your partner and there is a strong inclination to break free. It may also stand for the separation attained after a breakup.

The Devil in Different Positions in a Tarot Spread

Past: Your wrong choices in the past have given rise to a number of negative forces that have in turn delayed your developments. However, you may progress by not making the same mistake again.

Present: An unexpected occurrence may change your life for good or bad. Stop being extravagant and be true to yourself to grow as a person.

Future: The card implies that your attraction to someone or something in future would lead to a significant delay in personal growth. You must be sure of yourself to tackle it.

Devil Tarot Meaning in Combination with Other Cards

The Fool  Stands for unhappiness arising from confusion
The Magician  Stresses how you are often misunderstood
The High Priestess  Urges you to go for more physical activity
The Empress  Reflects your leadership role in matters of pleasure as well as society
The Emperor  Signifies a harsh ruler
The Hierophant  Encourages you to do physical exercises
The Lovers  Stands for a violent physical exertion
The Chariot  Mirrors you unwavering obedience
The Strength  Suggests your strong concentration
The Hermit  Implies that you are blessed with a powerful imagination
The Wheel of Fortune  Focuses your resistance to change
The Justice  Stresses that you are intent on keeping your word
The Hanged Man  Reflects your moody temperament
The Death  Suggests that a negative event is not so much damaging as it seems
The Temperance  Refers to a period of calm
The Tower  Symbolizes a phase when you would find everything crystal clear
The Star  Mirrors your clear perception of the material side of things
The Moon  Symbolizes your happy bond with nature
The Sun  Indicates your fear of being caught
The Judgement  Means that you have power over all things
The World  Refers to all matters related to time and its perception
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