The Eight of Cups Tarot (8 of Cups)

What is the Eight of Cups Tarot

The Eight of Cups is a card that belongs to the third suit (Cups) of the fifty-six cards called Minor Arcana in a traditional seventy-eight tarot card deck. Used for both playing and divination, its suit element is water.

How is the Eight of Cups Depicted in the Tarot Card

Under a gloomy sky with a crescent moon displaying a sad face, a young man dressed in a red cloak with a walking stick in his hand appears to be leaving.

The place is rocky, surrounded by elevated rocks that could be an inlet to a vast ocean.

At the forefront, there is a row of five cups on which three cups are standing with a considerable gap between the first two and the third.

Meaning of Eight of Cups in the Tarot Card

The 8 of Cups symbolizes change, solitude, and a feeling of contempt as a result of facing the harsh reality. The young man is an embodiment of the happiness and sorrows of life while his walking stick suggests a long journey ahead.

The moon may be a sign of a new beginning, but the sad face in it expresses mental fatigue and emotional breakdown.

The uneven landscape warns you about the dangers you may encounter when trying to move on in life.

The placement of the cups at the edge indicates a transition from an interior setup to an exterior environment and the gap between shows loss of love.

The Eight of Cups As a Person (Significator)

The 8 Cups is a figure of detachment who no longer finds his present situation favorable. He is drifting away due to some unfulfilled desires and abandonment by closed ones.

Although he is a solitude-seeker, his presence will be a motivating force in your life to embark on a new beginning in pursuits of things that you need.

As Feelings

The card represents desertion, isolation, and disappointment. You may have done your best, but now everything is left to fate. So, you want to walk away from everything to discover yourself.

As Action/Advice

The card wants to tell you that some things have to be either removed or abandoned from your life. If you do so, there will be happier times ahead.

The Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning: Upright

The Eight of Cups Tarot

Keywords: Dejection, escapism, letting go, traveling, self-analysis, withdrawal, emotional strength

Interpretation: The card indicates that you are putting an end to your plans and actions due to disappointment and loss. Now, you feel like running away and going somewhere else where there is some hope for the future. Despite the uncertainties ahead, you appear to be confident and excited.

According to the tarot reading, you need a long break to overcome your mental exhaustion and then think of a proper course of action.

In Love and Relationship Reading

Keywords: Loneliness, breakup

Interpretation: Since the 8 of Cups signifies detachment, those who are in a relationship it could be parting time as both are no longer interested in each other. If you want to stay together, stop feeling out of place and adjust with your partner.

Those who are single may not want to commit to a relationship as they fear separation and loss of interest.

Eight of Cups Tarot Reading in Other Conditions

Career and Work: You are highly dissatisfied with your current job and you have decided to quit soon. Consider changing your field to make a career breakthrough and achieve the desired success.

Business and Finance: In terms of money matters, the card may indicate a possible financial loss. So, choose the right financial adviser and investment plan to avoid such a mishap. If you are attached to a business firm, you may walk away from it soon and start something new.

Health: Negative thinking will breed more health problems. Stay optimistic and take care of your eating habits to stay fit as a fiddle.

The Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning: Reversed

The Eight of Cups Tarot Card Reversed

Keywords: Double-minded thoughts, timidity, shyness, insecurity

Interpretation: The 8 of Cups in the upside-down position means that you want to leave everything behind and explore new opportunities and options. But your indecisive thinking makes you fear the consequences of abandoning any materialistic possessions, relationship, or job.

Running away from a situation or person will not help you get rid of your anxiety and troubles. Don’t hopelessly drift away as the solutions for your problems are simple, but require proper implementation.

In Love and Relationship Reading

Keywords: Tendency to move on, loveless relationship

Interpretation: Those who are in a relationship are finding it difficult to call it quits. At the same, staying together is becoming intolerable for some reason. If you want to leave your partner, try to cite the reasons and give some time to settle down rather going through a messy separation.

The singles are suffering from low self-esteem, therefore letting their potential partners emotionally abuse them. Stop being clingy and wait a while till the rough phase passes away.

Eight of Cups Tarot Reversed Reading in Other Conditions

Career and Work: Quite similar to the upright Eight of Cups, you are feeling stagnant at work, but the thought of searching for new options is questioning your ability. Take your stand and do what appeals to you.

Finance and Business: Although your current business is running at a loss, you are scared to let it go. Also, financial insecurity is growing day by day in your mind. Raise your confidence level and try something different.

Health: If the situation around is disturbing, it may affect your health a lot. Get out of it and follow a disciplined fitness regime to protect your body and mind.

The Eight of Cups in Different Positions in a Tarot Spread

Past: In this position, it could only mean that an important aspect of your life such as a romantic alliance, job, or academic course was given up. And, now you are looking for something similar to relive those dreams.

Present: Something is keeping you tied up even though the present position promises growth and success. Come out of your cocoon and discover the world.

Future: Some plans might not work as per your wish. However, an alternate option would always be there, giving you even more than your expectations.

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