The Eight of Swords Tarot (8 of Swords)

What is the Eight of Swords Tarot

The Eight of Swords is a card that belongs to the fourth suit (Swords) of the fifty-six cards called Minor Arcana in a traditional seventy-eight tarot card deck. Used for both playing and divination, its suit element is air.

How is the Eight of Swords Depicted in the Tarot Card

A blindfolded woman tied-up is standing alone on a barren and damp wasteland with puddles of water. However, her feet are not exactly touching the water. Her ensemble comprises a long flowing robe.

She is surrounded by eight swords at the back that resembles a kind of prison. At a faraway distance, a castle can be seen on a hill while the sky above is cloudy and gray.

Meaning of Eight of Swords in the Tarot Card

The 8 of Swords symbolizes a feeling of entrapment by one’s own thoughts and viewpoints with no way of escape. The blindfolded woman is an epitome of restricted thinking without seeing anything from a different perspective.

The swords suggest analysis of a situation based on intellectual thinking without getting emotional. The castle signifies a higher authority while the gray sky is a depiction of hopelessness and misery.

The Eight of Swords As a Person (Significator)

It represents a person with a high intellect but seems to get lost in thoughts without looking at the bigger picture. Such people give too much importance to unnecessary issues, giving poor judgments due to misconception. They could be someone in your life with a hazy and confused thinking, lacking integrity.

As Feelings

The Seeker may feel trapped and misunderstood for anything and everything, irrespective of its significance in real life. Manipulating someone with this kind of apprehension is easy.

As Action/Advise

The best way to stop feeling suffocated in a situation is to isolate from it instead of getting directly involved in it. Also, maintain restriction wherever it’s needed.

The Eight of Swords Tarot Card Meaning: Upright

The Eight of Swords

Keywords: Separation, imprisonment, fear of losing, lack of trust, restriction, taking the wrong decision

Interpretation: It means that your limited thinking is affecting your decision-making skills as you cannot come out of your self-imposed boundaries. Despite have many choices, you don’t seem to be in the right mental frame to choose the appropriate one.

The card suggests you see the reality rather than being in a dilemma. There might be several ideas running in your mind, but don’t go on implementing them randomly unless you feel confident.

In Love and Relationship Reading

Keywords: Unwilling to reevaluate a relationship, ignoring partner’s misdoings

Interpretation: If you are in a relationship, it drops a hint at your inability to see the flaws of your partner. Don’t be too blinded in love and try to bring improvement in your relationship.

Those who are singles should enjoy their freedom for a while before seeking a new relationship.

Eight of Swords Tarot Reading in Other Situations

Career and Work: Professionally, you might be feeling dissatisfied due to lack of appreciation at work. Sit and think where the actual problem is lying so that you can fix them and move on.

Finance and Business: As there is no gain without pain, you have to work hard to make money. At the same time, don’t allow wealth to be a bar in your personal life.

Health: Stress may take a toll on your health if you keep thinking about insignificant things that hardly matters. Change your diet plan and exercise routine to stay physically and mentally fit.

The Eight of Swords Tarot Card Meaning: Reversed

The Eight of Swords Reversed

Keywords: Freedom, open to new ideas, finding a direction

Interpretation: In the upside-down position, it indicates that your past sufferings have made you flexible and adaptable to changes. Now, you are able to trust yourself better, examining each and every situation in life with a different approach.

The reversed reading is suggesting you clear out the old school of thought from your mind completely since carrying unnecessary baggage will give more mental burden.

In Love and Relationship Reading

Keywords: End of an abusive relationship, feeling hopeful about love

Interpretation: The 8 of Swords advise you to come out of an unhappy relationship without feeling guilty or ashamed. Always remember that by challenging your self-beliefs your life will go nowhere.

Eight of Swords Tarot Reversed Reading in Other Situations

Career and Work: Patience and willpower are the keys to work satisfaction. At this point in time, you may feel liberated from the stress you were undergoing, but more openness would be required for a drastic change.

Finance and Business: An unexpected financial gain is indicated on the card. However, placing a shield over your savings would help you during the rainy days.

Health: If you are having any health-related issues, don’t form an opinion. Taking help from a medical professional is the need of the hour.

The Eight of Swords in Different Positions in a Tarot Spread

Past: A past event of your life where you felt trapped might be the cause of disturbance in the current time. Although you have moved on, some unresolved issues are too painful to forget.

Present: Be upright and honest when it comes to dealing with challenges. Staying in a denial mode with your set of thoughts will keep you lagging behind.

Future: It would be advisable to alter your course of action as the path chosen now would ultimately lead you to disappointment.

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