The Fool Tarot

What is the Fool Tarot

The Fool (sometimes called as Jester or Joker) Tarot is numbered either as zero (0) or last (XXII) card in a suit of twenty-two cards, called the trumps or the Major Arcana, in a traditional 78-card tarot deck, used for both playing and divination. The ruling planet of the Fool Tarot is Uranus, and his element is Air.

How is the Fool in the Tarot Card Depicted

The Fool is dressed in a colorful patterned clothing carrying, on his one hand, a stick with a small sack tied to the end and a white rose on the other.

He stands at the edge of a cliff, facing north-west towards the sky, ready to start a new journey with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. A little white dog stands next to him acting as his travel companion.

The sun rises behind him while a long range of snow-covered mountains forms the background.

What Does the Fool Mean in the Tarot Card

The Fool symbolizes the youthful exuberance, optimism, and idealism one feels when starting a new journey or adventure. His odd attire reflects his lack of common sense as nobody would wear it for long mountain trips. The sack signifies a nonchalant attitude without any fear of the dangers ahead in life. The white rose is a symbol of purity and innocence.

The dog stands for protection, caution, and guardianship.

The cliff where he stands is the starting point of a journey to the material world while the chain of mountains represents the memories left behind.

The rising sun embodies a new beginning.

The Fool as a Person (Signifier)

It stands for a youthful person who has a natural curiosity for unusual adventures without caring a fig about the challenges ahead. Adaptable as well, the Fool is open to new experiences and possibilities in life.

The Fool Tarot Card Meaning: Upright

The Fool Tarot

Symbolism: Infinite energy, freedom, anticipation, naivety, renewal, growth, development

Interpretation: It indicates that you want to discover opportunities lying ahead, but lack a concrete plan to decide the correct path of action. You are free from worry and anxiety, and sometimes these qualities give you unexpected success. However, without farsightedness, you are more likely to falter, encountering too many hurdles and eventually losing the purpose of your goals.

Make wise choices when you want to start something such as an academic course, moving to a new place, or signing a business deal as following the heart is more important than submitting to your impulses and naïve desires.

In Love and Relationships Reading

Symbolism: Detachment, inconstancy, immaturity

Interpretation: In your love life, your happy-go-lucky behavior might cause misunderstanding. It’s alright to have fun and frolic, but you should not run away from your responsibilities.

If you are single, your preference would be a short-term relationship to feel the wild ecstasies of love rather than getting into a life-long commitment.

Fool Tarot Card Readings in Other Conditions

Education, Career, and Work: You would be comfortable working in a field involving an outdoor activity as staying static is not your cup of tea. At the work front, your innovative ideas might neither appeal to your seniors nor lead to any feasible outcome. So, look for other options or wait till the ball is in your court.

Business and Finance: The card is a positive indicator regarding money and finance. Expect a decent gain from a rise in share prices and mutual funds.

Friendship: Your list of friends seems to increase with each passing day as you love meeting new people. This should not mean forgetting your old buddies who were there with you during the bad times.

Health: As you dislike a dormant existence, your health is in good shape. However, don’t be too complacent and focus on eating well and exercising.

Picking the card during pregnancy suggests the creation of a new life.

Reversed Fool Tarot Meaning

The Fool Tarot Card Reversed

Symbolism: Recklessness, thoughtlessness, unproductiveness

Interpretation: If you have chosen the card in the upside down position, it means that you are least bothered about the consequences of your actions . As you believe in living in the moment, your decisions taken during a critical event might land you in deep soup.

The card suggests you to stop being clueless and take each and everything coming in your way one at a time.

In Love and Relationships Reading

Symbolism: Uncertainty, emotional disorientation, sadness

Interpretation: As per the Fool card’s predictions in the inverted position, your relationship equation may change from time to time. Insecurity might be on the rise when you see the relationship going nowhere. All you have to do is bring stability to your life instead of loitering around.

The Fool in Different Positions in a Tarot Spread

Past: The Fool card throws light on your former days when you wasted a major chunk of your time doing meaningless tasks. Your desire to live outside the conventional society had led to never-ending difficulties and struggles.

Present: You are currently in a mood to leave behind your commitments and liabilities to search for freedom. Your free will might make you achieve the impossible.

Future: You may look forward to an extraordinary life in the future filled with new activities, challenges, and adventures. Don’t be surprised if you find a new love interest.

Fool Tarot Meaning in Combination with Other Cards

The Magician Determines a high chance of beginning a new work
The High Priestess Indicates trouble moving forward in a relationship
The Empress Predicts an unexpected news
The Emperor Suggests a forthcoming event over which you will have control
The Hierophant Implies that you fear of getting lost
The Lovers Points at your unintelligible and impractical ideas
The Chariot Encourages you to differentiate between good and bad
The Strength Reflects your fantasies and passions
The Hermit Means that a secret would be revealed soon to you
The Wheel of Fortune Advises you to not get affected by negative gossips
The Justice Motivates you to stand strong through every storm
The Hanged Man Urges to maintain peace and harmony in your life
The Death Brings forward to you the importance of learning
The Temperance Suggests you to maintain moderation in your diet
The Devil Reflects your ability to express your happiness and pain
The Tower Advises you to not loose temper
The Star Highlights your optimism and courage
The Moon Implies your bad judgment skills
The Sun Promises a rosy life in the coming days
The Judgment Stands for a bubbly personality
The World Indicates an event that is beyond your control

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