The Magician Tarot

What is the Magician Tarot

The Magician Tarot is the first card in a suit of twenty-two cards, called the trumps or the Major Arcana, in a traditional 78-card tarot deck. Also known as the Magus or the Juggler, it is used both in game playing and divination. His element is air and ruling planet is Mercury.

How is the Magician in the Tarot Card Depicted

The Magician, clad in a white robe and red cloak appears as standing with his right hand raised towards the sky and his left hand pointing to earth. In his right hand, is a staff and around his waist, is a snake eating its own tail.

In front of him, there’s a table containing all 4 suits of the Tarot, a sword, a cup, a pentacle and a wooden stick, also called a wand, and above his head floats a lemniscate (represented as ∞).

What Does the Magician Mean in the Tarot Card

Imbibing the power of the Universe and directing it to the physical plane through his body, the Magician symbolizes the bridge between the spiritual world and humanity. His white robe suggests purity, while his red cloak implies worldly knowledge and experience.

Both the lemniscate and the snake signify eternity and each of the 4 Tarot suits stands for the 4 elements, earth, air, fire, and water.

The Magician as a Person (Signifier)

A magician predominantly stands for a male figure, more specifically a bachelor as a signifier. If it comes up for a female, it represents her pronounced masculine traits. The significant qualities are dynamism, power, leadership, magnetism, and maturity.

The Magician Tarot Card Meaning: Upright

The Magician Tarot

Symbolism: Stands for power, skill, concentration, work, resourcefulness, self-employment, knowledge, a new relationship or friendship, good luck, creativity, energy, and self-confidence.

Interpretation: In a tarot reading, it signifies that being focused and aware of your needs, you possess the ability to take the power of the Universe so as to fulfill your desires, be it emotional, physical or social.

However, you need to utilize your skills and make things happen as per your perceptions.

Gradually, creative ways would unfold before you, thereby aiding you to gain success fast. Before long, just as the Magician in the card seems to have control over everything, you too would preside over all aspects around you.

In Love Reading

Symbolism: Constructive relationship, attraction, reconciliation, and success

Interpretation: You are likely going to meet someone new if you are single and looking for love. However, to enable someone to know you and develop feelings, you need to meet new people.

If you are in a long-term relationship or married, the card predicts a long-lasting bond with strong commitments. Your husband or soulmate loves you with passion and all obstacles such as incompatibility, and arguments dissolve. The future naturally, is filled with utmost happiness.

Magician Tarot Card Readings in Other Conditions

Education: You have the initiative to acquire new things, so move out and discover all that lie in your way.

Career and Finance: There are chances for improvement in your sphere but you need to make the first move to obtain them. Give your absolute best during job interviews, and if you are not satisfied with your current work, look up some new openings. With the best moves, you would prosper financially.

Health: If you have been sick lately, it’s time that all your pains are going to subside. Think of how you can better your lifestyle: join a gym or get advice from a dietician. It can also indicate the presence of psychic ability, or foretell a pregnancy.

Reversed Magician Tarot Meaning

The Magician Tarot Card Reversed

Symbolism: Deceit, lack of energy, communication blocks, confusion, and ill intentions.

Interpretation: In an upside-down position it may point towards the presence of someone deceptive in your life you need to watch out for.

It may also reflect your manipulative nature that influences you to make others accept your viewpoint.

In Love Reading

Symbolism: Infidelity, end of a relation

Interpretation: It basically stands for an actor of a man. Your husband or partner is not only self-centered but also adept at deceiving you for his own gain. Consequently, the outcome is a strained relationship. The appalling part is that he does not even realize how villainous his actions are, or that you can easily see through his pretenses.

The Magician in Different Positions in a Tarot Spread

Past: It either implies that you are enjoying the fruits of works done earlier, or you are missing those days when you could best put together talent and intelligence to achieve success.

Present: Having the required skills, you only need to employ them at the right time to bring about the necessary changes in your life.

Future: Nurture the support you’ve received from your near and dear ones, for it would enable you to achieve what you really want.

Magician Tarot Meaning in Combination with Other Cards

The Fool Promises unexpected good moments
The High Priestess Intends to bring out the best opposing features in you
The Empress Indicates a pleasurable business
The Emperor Urges you to stand up for yourself
The Hierophant Encourages you to stay within the boundaries of your community so as to achieve a long-lasting relationship
The Lovers Stands for romance
The Chariot Looks forward to a plan to move ahead
The Strength Suggest that you would accomplish a project soon
The Hermit Implies that your inner qualities would be reflected outside
The Wheel of Fortune Stands for lasting good fortune
The Justice Refers to a person who is trying to mislead you in taking decisions
The Hanged Man Symbolizes actions taken on impulse
The Death Signifies that you have deceived someone
The Temperance Indicates you will selflessly work for others
The Devil Implies that you would be loved but it would entail some ill purposes
The Tower Signals a difficult situation
The Star Stands for doing something that makes you feel good
The Moon Suggests deception
The Sun Urges you to invest all your energies to achieve something great
The Judgement Influences you to do something again
The World Refers to a powerful release of energy
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