Aquarius Birthstones: Colors, Healing Properties, And Functions

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18), an air sign is in the eleventh position among the twelve zodiacs symbolized by water waves. The positive traits seen in Aquarians are friendly, intelligent, independent, creative, and loyal. Negatively, they may be detached, stubborn, inconsistent, unpredictable and even aloof.

Aquarius Birthstones

Of the numerous birthstones Aquarius may respond to, the prime ones are amethyst, garnet, blue sapphire, jasper, moss agate, and turquoise.

List of Birthstones for Aquarius With Their Effects

Amethyst and jasper are one of the ideal birthstones for Aquarius men while turquoise, garnet, moss agate and turquoise suit the women the best.

Name Of Stone Color Healing Properties
1. Amethyst

Aquarius Amethyst Birthstone

Month: February

Purple, lavender
  • Helps maintain calm
  • Gives inner strength and stability of mind in the Aquarians who are often erratic
  • Good for headaches, joint pain, and insomnia
2. Garnet

Aquarius Garnet Birthstone

Month: January

Red, orange, yellow, green, gray, pink, black, brown, purple
  • Enhances prosperity
  • Keeps one grounded spiritually
  • Gives inner strength, helping to overcome the depression that might often be seen in Aquarians
  • Brings in dependability and commitment often lacking Aquarians
  • Helps overcome feelings of insecurity
3. Blue Sapphire

Aquarius Blue Sapphire Birthstone

Month: January and February

  • Assists in overcoming obstacles
  • Provides success and prosperity
  • Looks after overall wellbeing
4. Moss Agate

Aquarius Moss Agate Birthstone

Month: January and February

  • Provides calm
  • Instills focus
  • Intensifies the Aquarian’s intellect
5. Turquoise

Aquarius Turquoise Birthstone


Month: January and February

  • Heals the mind
  • Brings in good luck in money, love and friendship
6. Lapis Lazuli

Aquarius Lapis Lazuli Birthstone

Month: January

  • Keeps negative emotions in control
  • Relieves one from stress and tension
  • Intensifies the creativity and wisdom of Aquarians
  • Good for vision problems
7. Sugilite

Aquarius Sugilite Birthstone

Month: January and February

Bluish-purple, plum, reddish-purple, magenta, pinkish, plum and lilac
  • Brings in peace of mind
  • Helps eliminating feelings of anger
  • Lessens stress
8. Jasper

Aquarius Jasper Birthstone

Month: February

Green, red, brown and yellow
  • Helps in overall healing
  • Stabilizes the fluctuating mind of Aquarians
9. Amber

Aquarius Amber Birthstone

Month: January and February

  • Keeps negative vibes away
  • Eases stress
  • Helps preserve beauty and youth
  • Enhances the brave and courageous demeanor of Aquarians
10. Hematite

Aquarius Hematite Birthstone

Month: January and February

Black, silvery-grey, grey
  • Keeps negative feelings at bay
  • Intensifies self-confidence, self-esteem and will power particularly in women
11. Pyrite

Aquarius Pyrite Birthstone

Month: January and February

  • Brings in good luck
  • Enhances confidence
  • Provides emotional healing
12. Green Calcite

Aquarius Green Calcite Birthstone

Month: January and February

  • Helps in healing
  • Assists in calming down
  • Supports in emotional healing
13. Aquamarine

Aquarius Aquamarine Birthstone

Month: January and February

Blue, bluish-green
  • Instills spiritual awareness
  • Promotes self-expression

Other Gemstones for Aquarians

  • Opal (Has a calming effect)
  • Pollucite (Enhances clarity of thought)
  • Black onyx (Keeps negative thoughts under check)
  • Hyacinth (Increases concentration in work, brightens mood)

The first generation Aquarians (21st January-1st February) do well with amethyst,  jasper and jade; those of the second generation (2nd February – 11th February) would need turquoise, amber, lapis lazuli and amethyst, while third generations (12th February -19th February) need sapphire and aquamarine. Seeking advice of a professional astrologer would help them choosing a suitable birthstone that would enhance their positivity and help minimize or eliminate aspects that they lag behind.

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