Gemini Birthstones: Colors, Healing Properties and Functions

Gemini (May 22– June 21), an air sign and the third of the twelve zodiacs has the Roman number 11 as its symbol to depict twins. Geminians are adjustable, intelligent, soft-spoken, friendly, and creative with a spontaneous thought process. On the other hand, they are emotionally rigid, inconsistent in thought and actions, and also lack ability in making big decisions.

Gemini Birthstones

Agate, pearl, citrine, and emerald are some of the most effective birthstones suited for Gemini people to bring in spiritual healing as well as keep their inconsistent nature under control.

List of Birthstones for Gemini With Their Effects

Pearl, sapphire, citrine, and moonstone are considered lucky for men while emerald is considered ideal for Gemini women.

Name of Stone


Healing Properties

1. Agate

Gemini Birthstone Agate

Month: May and June

Brown, red, yellow, gray, pink, white and black
  • Has a calming effect
  • Gives emotional strength
  • Enhances the Geminian’s eloquence
  • Helps the inconsistent Gemini to be focused
  • Brings in abundance and luck
  • Promotes long life
  • Increases attentiveness, decision-making skills and sense of responsibility that the Gemini is often deficient in.
2. Pearl

Gemini Birthstone Pearl

Month:  June

  • Helps in spiritual growth
  • Provides resilience
  • Helps with problems of the spleen, heart, stomach, and intestines
  • May help the wearer  understand his physical state as it shines brightly in good health and get dull during illness
3. Citrine

Gemini Birthstone Citrine

Month: May and June

Yellow, brownish-yellow, greenish-yellow, orange
  • Helps to overcome fears
  • Instills willpower
  • Lessens the Geminian’s self-destruction tendency
  • Instills positivity
4. Chrysoprase

Gemini Birthstone Chrysoprase

Month:  May

Bright or deep green
  • Brings in enthusiasm
  • Soothes the mind and lessens depression
5. Emerald

Gemini Birthstone Emerald

Month: May

  • Instills calmness
  • Helps to realize true love
  • Enhances abundance and prosperity
  • Effective for women going through anxiety and mental trauma
6. Tourmaline

Gemini Birthstone Tourmaline

Month: May and June

Black, bluish-black, brown, yellow, green, pink, red, blue
  • Provides physical and spiritual comfort
  • Increases creativity, often worn by writers and artists
7. White Sapphire

Gemini Birthstone White Sapphire

Month: May and June

  • Spiritual enlightenment
  • Lessens depression
  • Boosts romance
  • Enhances fertility
8. Moonstone

Gemini Birthstone Moonstone

Month: June

Mostly colorless, but found in shades of blue, green, yellow, pink, orange, brown
  • Helps focus on important things
  • Stabilizes emotions
  • Brings in good fortune
  • Beneficial for those with problems  of digestion, nose bleeding, and headache
  • Was worn in the past to seek protection from epilepsy and sunstroke
9. Tanzanite

Gemini Birthstone Tanzanite

Month: May and June

Blue, bluish-purple
  • Ensures spiritual healing
  • Has a calming and soothing effect
  • Helps in self-awakening
10. Celestine

Gemini Birthstone Celestine

Month: May and June

Blue as well as orange, red, milky white, yellow
  • Uplifts energy
  • Lessens stress
  • Helps with skin and digestion problems
  • Overcomes  addiction and obsession
11. Tiger Eye

Gemini Birthstone Tiger Eye

Month: May and June

Yellowish-brown, golden brown
  • Reduces alcohol and tobacco addiction
  • Helps one to make practical decisions
  • Lessens excessive food cravings
  • Helps with ulcer, stomach, and gall bladder problems
  • Good for those with eye ailments
12. Serpentine

Gemini Birthstone Serpentine

Month: May and June

Green, brownish-green, yellowish-green
  • Increases wisdom
  • Makes way for good opportunities
  • Stimulates feelings of sexuality

Other Gemstones for Gemini

  • Jade (Replaces feelings of negativity with peace)
  • Thulite (Boosts fertility, increases creativity and eloquence in speech)
  • Variscite (Gives inner peace, removes negative feelings)
  • Ulexite (Provides emotional healing)

Birthstones for the Gemini zodiac, when worn in an appropriate manner, would help to improve their positive traits and eliminate the negative ones. The consultation of a proper astrologer would help you in choosing the stone that suits your personality the best, helping you to outshine better.

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