Leo Birthstones: Colors, Healing Properties and Functions

Leo (July 23 to August 22), is a fire sign and the fifth of the twelve zodiacs symbolized by a lion. The positive traits seen in Leos are their kind, supportive, energetic, loyal and hardworking nature. Negatively, they are known to be arrogant, proud, impatient, possessive and dominating.

Leo Birthstones

The most prominent birthstones for Leos include peridot, sardonyx, sapphire, onyx, and amber which would help to sharpen their positive traits and also keep their arrogant and possessive nature in control.

List of Birthstones for Leo With Their Effects

Of all the birthstones, sardonyx and alexandrine suit the Leo men the best, while jasper, yellow sapphire, amber, and quartz are considered lucky for women.

Name of Stone


Healing Properties

1. Peridot

Leo Peridot Birthstone

Month: August

Green, as well as yellow, brownish-green and olive
  • Brings in happiness
  • Enhances growth and prosperity
  • Instills loyalty and faithfulness
  • Helps to bring in monetary gains
  • Assists in releasing feelings of anxiety or anger
2. Onyx

Leo Onyx Birthstone

Month: July and August

Black, green, brown, and yellow
  • Helps to endure during difficult times
  • Brings in financial prosperity
  • Replaces negative vibes with positive ones
  • Good for those suffering from prolonged illness
3. Sardonyx

Leo Sardonyx Birthstone

Month: August

White with brownish-red bands
  • Sharpens Leo’s courage
  • Enhances strength as well as happiness
4. Ruby

Leo Ruby Birthstone

Month: July

  • Boosts courage
  • Enhances mental power
  • Instills positivity
  • Helps to accumulate wealth
  • Protects against physical attack
  • Intensifies enthusiasm and passion
5. Diamond

Leo Diamond Birthstone

Month: July and August

White, blue, orange, red, pink, yellow
  • Brings in good luck since it acts as a talisman
  • Symbolizes bravery
6. Carnelian

Leo Carnelian Birthstone

Month: July and August

Brown, reddish-brown
  • Traditionally acts as a talisman protecting from evil
  • Has blood purifying capacity
  • Relieves back pain and menstrual pain
  • Instills passion in Leo women
7. Amber

Leo Amber Birthstone

Month: July and August


  • Enhances self-confidence
  • Instills optimism
  • Helps Leo’s to be generous and cheerful
8. Jasper

Leo Jasper Birthstone

Month: July and August

Red, yellow, green, brown and also sometimes blue
  • Good luck charm for Leo women
  • Absorbs negative vibes
  • Promotes quick and rational thinking
  • Enhances imagination and helps to convert thoughts into actions
  • Black jasper keeps one grounded and helps relieve stomach ailments
  • Green jasper boosts immunity
  • Red jasper calms emotions
  • Yellow jasper is good for stomach disorders
9. Yellow Sapphire

Leo Yellow Sapphire Birthstone

Month: August

Yellow, orange, golden
  • Good for childless couples
  • Enhances knowledge
  • Brings in good luck
10. Golden Topaz

Leo Golden Topaz Birthstone

Month: July and August

  • Instills optimism
  • Helps to keep Leo’s anger and hatred in control
  • Enhances wisdom and intellect
  • Increases wealth
11. Zircon

Leo Zircon Birthstone

Month: July and August

Blue, brown, red, green, yellowish-gold
  • Provides spiritual strength
  • Helps to bring in peace in love and married life
  • Intensifies feelings of confidence
  • Improves social life
  • Beneficial for problems of the reproductive system and urinary tract
12. Rutilated Quartz

Leo Rutilated Quartz Birthstone

Month: July and August

Gold and also in shades of silver, copper, reddish-brown, and black
  • Amplifies thoughts
  • Enhances psychic powers
13. Heliodor

Leo Heliodor Birthstone

Month: July and August

Golden yellow
  • Brings in clarity of thought
  • Boosts will power
  • Helps with problems of the stomach
14. Aventurine

Leo Aventurine Birthstone

  • Pacifies anger
  • Enhances creativity
  • Good for conditions like migraines, allergies, eye ailments, and sinus
  • Blue aventurine sharpens communication skills
  • Green aventurine promotes overall healing
  • Yellow aventurine brings in prosperity and intensifies creativity

Other Gemstones for Leo

  • Rhodochrosite (Good for emotional healing)
  • Pietersite (Intensifies will power, boosts imaginative skills and mental abilities)
  • Petalite (Shields from negativity)
  • Labradorite (Gives positive energy)

Choosing the correct birthstone would certainly help Leos to develop positive vibes and also overcome their dominating and arrogant nature. Proper consultation with a professional astrologer may certainly assist in understanding which stone suits them the best.

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