Pisces Birthstones: Colors, Healing Properties, And Functions

Pisces (February 19 –March 20), a water sign is the last among the twelve zodiacs symbolized by two fish bound together swimming in directions opposite to one another. Pisceans are known for their compassionate, sensible, selfless, and kind nature. From a negative perspective, they may be lazy, stubborn, and pessimistic in their demeanor.

Pisces Birthstones
Pisceans do well with a lot of birthstones some significant ones being aquamarine, bloodstone, amethyst, jade, and topaz, which would contribute towards overall healing and also help to boost confidence as well as bringing stability in their life.


List of Birthstones for Pisceans With Their Effects

Pearl, moonstone, aquamarine, and agate work well for Pisces women, while bloodstone, ruby and amethyst suit the men folk.

Name Of Stone Color Healing Properties
1. Aquamarine

Pisces Aquamarine Birthstone

Month: March

  • Helps release emotional baggage
  • Gives calming vibes ideal for their dreamy nature
  • Enhances knowledge
2. Bloodstone

Pisces Bloodstone Birthstone

Month: March

Dark green with blood-like spots
  • Helps to concentrate on the present
  • Maintains calm
  • Intensifies the creativity of the Pisceans
  • Gives pleasant dreams when kept under the pillow
  • Useful for problems of the kidney and eyes
3. Amethyst

Pisces Amethyst Birthstone

Month: February

Pale lilac, deep reddish-purple
  • Releases stress and anxiety
  • Suitable for those with sleep problems
  • Maintains emotional stability
  • Instills confidence especially in men as they lag behind a little in it
4. Jade

Pisces Jade Birthstone

Month: March

Different shades of green as well as other colors like white, purple and gray
  • Brings in good luck
  • Provides emotional balance
  • Strengthens the bond between couples 
5. Ruby

Pisces Ruby Birthstone


Month: February and March

  • Helps them dwell peacefully even with foes
  • Enhances wisdom
6. Chrysolite

Pisces Chrysolite Birthstone

Month: February and March

Yellowish-green, orange green
  • Instills confidence and courage
  • Acts as a talisman protecting from the evil eye
7. Coral

Pisces Coral Birthstone

Month: February and March

Pink, red, purple, scarlet, vermillion and saffron
  • Increases confidence
  • Improves logical thinking
  • Refreshes mind
8. Moonstone

Pisces Moonstone Birthstone


Month: February and March

Mostly colorless but also in brown, orange, pink, gray, green, white, blue and yellow
  • Moonstones help keep the panic-stricken and nervous nature of Pisceans under control
  • Rejuvenates mood
9. Rock Crystal

Pisces Rock Crystal Birthstone

Month: February and March

  • Brings in spiritual solace
10. Topaz

Pisces Topaz Birthstone

Month: February and March

  • Increases physical and mental strength
  • Acts as a talisman protecting the wearer from injury
  • Improves eyesight
11. Pearl

Pisces Pearl Birthstone

Month: February and March

  • Ensures financial well-being
  • Instills confidence
12. Hematite

Pisces Hematite Birthstone

Month: February and March

Black, silver-gray, steel, red, reddish-brown
  • Helps to achieve goals
  • Assists taking the right decision
  • Gives life a proper direction
13. Sodalite

Pisces Sodalite Birthstone

Month: February and March

  • Helps in logical thinking
  • Boosts courage
  • Intensifies spiritual awareness

Other Gemstones for Pisces

  • Rhodonite (Helps develop compassion and self-love)
  • Sapphire (Relieves stress, enhances concentration)
  • Rock Crystal (Provides spiritual solace)

The birthstones mentioned above would help Pisceans in maintaining emotional stability alongside assisting them in getting over their drawbacks. However, a professional astrologer’s advice should be sought to choose a correct birthstone by their personality.

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