Virgo Birthstones: Colors, Healing Properties and Functions

Virgo (August 23 to September 22) is an earth sign and sixth of the twelve zodiacs symbolized by a maiden with a sheaf of wheat in hand. Virgos are known for their practical, intelligent, analytical, methodical, modest and reliable nature. However, they also have a reputation of being overly critical, judgmental, finicky, fussy, harsh and conservative.

Virgo Birthstones

Birthstones which suit Virgos the best are sapphire, carnelian, peridot, jade, and jasper, helping their soothing personality to flourish further, as well as eliminating the negativities that may engulf them.

List of Birthstones for Virgo With Their Effects

For Virgo men chrysolite gives them stronger appeal, jasper makes them more attractive and sapphire makes them attractive to the fairer sex. Virgo women, on the other hand, adapt well to emerald, aventurine, and chrysoprase that bring out the best n their personality.

Name of Stone Color Healing Properties
1. Blue Sapphire

Virgo Blue Sapphire Birthstone

Month: September

  • Instills truth and sincerity
  • Enhances communication
  • Good for fever, burns and hearing troubles
2. Carnelian

Virgo Carnelian Birthstone

Month: August and September

Brown, reddish-brown
  • Supports the diligence and virtues of the Virgos especially in stress
  • Enhances positivity and optimism
  • Improves mental clarity
  • Relaxes mind
  • Good for those with frequent instances of cold and flu
  • Has blood purifying properties
3. Peridot

Virgo Peridot Birthstone

Month: August

Olive green
  • Enhances abundance
  • Instills positivity
  • Brings in feelings of motivation and self-appreciation
  • Good for those with depression
4. Green Jade

Virgo Green Jade Birthstone

Month: August and September

  • Harmonizes the body, mind, and soul
  • Improves overall health
  • Keeps the fluctuating Virgos grounded
  • Promotes wisdom
  • Ensures longevity
5. Red Jasper

Virgo Red Jasper Birthstone

Month: August and September

  • Intensifies energy levels
  • Increases creative skills
  • Helps fulfilling fantasies and dreams
  • Gives strength and determination, helping to achieve goals
  • Eliminates negativity
6. Emerald

Virgo Emerald Birthstone

Month: August and September

  • Instills confidence in Virgo women
  • Helps improve the standard of living
  • Brings in happiness and mental solace
7. Aventurine

Virgo Aventurine Birthstone

Month: August and September

Green and also yellow, brown, blue, grey, orange
  • Improves mood and enhances positivity in Virgo women
8. Zircon

Virgo Zircon Birthstone

Month: August and September

Reddish-brown, blue, yellow, gray, green
  • Provides spiritual protection
  • Ushers prosperity
  • Gives peace of mind
9. Moss Agate

Virgo Moss Agate Birthstone

Month: August and September

  • Has healing properties
  • Helps to bring focus especially to those Virgos bothered about fixing the minutest details always
  • Gives them confidence especially if they are anxious or doubtful
10. Sardonyx

Virgo Sardonyx Birthstone

Month: September

White, gray, with bands that are brownish-red or white
  • Instills willpower, discipline, and motivation
  • Helps to keep one focused
11. Chrysolite

Virgo Chrysolite Birthstone

Month: September

Yellowish green
  • Increase mental ability
  • Gives the Virgo men stronger appeal
  • Helps attain new skills
  • Makes the wearer liberal minded
12. Magnetite

Virgo Magnetite Birthstone

Month: August and September

  • Develops intuition
  • Brings in abundance
  • Good for women with PMS
  • Controls mood swings
13. Lazurite

Virgo Lazurite Birthstone

Month: September

Deep blue, violet-blue, azure
  • Makes the wearer sociable and enhances communication
  • Helps them take others’ opinions into considerations

Other Gemstones for Virgo

  • Smithsonite (Relieves stress and brings in harmony)
  • Malachite (Eases stress and brightens mood)
  • Stichtite (Brings in emotional stability)
  • Sugilite (Helps in overall healing)
  • Nephrite (Gives positive vibes)

Wearing birthstones appropriate to their nature and personality would help Virgos in getting over their reserved demeanor and expressing themselves well. Consultation with a professional astrologer would guide them well in selecting the birthstones in according to their character.

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