Amber Color Meaning and Symbolism

What Does the Color Amber Mean

Amber, a blend of yellow and orange, stands for warmth, positivity as well as increased physical and mental energy.

Amber Meaning Symbolism Favorite Color

Significance of Amber in One’s Personality

Amber is an unconventional color, and those who possess a liking for orange but desire for something that is a little toned down would prefer this shade. They are creative with an out-of-the-box thought process, always desiring to be different and unique. They are intuitive, having a strong sixth sense. These people possess an outgoing nature, also having a warm and approachable personality.

However, an obsession foramber, could trigger feelings of anger and frustration.

An aura of amber stands for positive energy and courageousness.

What Does the Color Amber Represent In Your Dreams

Having a vision of amber actually means that your life is filled with a sense of inflexibility. It might also indicate that your thought process is outdated or you would need to analyze something from your past that would be of importance in your future.

Meaning of Amber Color in Different Aspects of Life

In traffic lights: The amber or yellow traffic light warns vehicles to slow down.

In business: Since it evokes positive energy, amber color is used in most businesses.

The amber ribbon is used for supporting those with appendix cancer.

What Does Amber Represent in Different Religions and Culture

In Christianity: Similar to yellow, amber is associated with fire, representing judgment, glory and endurance.

In Zoroastrianism: Since fire worship is significant in this religion, amber being the color of fire holds a special importance here.

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