Beige Color Meaning and Symbolism

What Does the Color Beige Mean

Beige, a sandy, fawn shade, has a calm, neutral and relaxing effect, representing elegance, serenity, simplicity, warmth and softness. It may also stand for dullness and monotony.

Beige Meaning Symbolism Favorite Color

The Significance of Beige in One’s Personality

If beige is one’s favorite color, then the person may have a dependable and reliable nature. They also love leading a clean life sans adventures. Such people do their work dedicatedly without demanding attention or appreciation for their work. Lovers of beige are adaptable and get along with everyone amicably, hardly having any difference of opinion.

If one is over-obsessed with beige, he may be labeled as boring, who never indulges in any risks and has less to demand from life.

What Does Seeing the Color in Your Dreams Mean

Dreaming of objects in beige could have a positive or negative meaning. On one hand, it indicates that you are able to see the truth as it appears to be and are honest to naïve people or those who know facts lesser than you. It also means that you are intelligent enough to understand someone’s criminal behavior.

For e.g., a man dreamt of a beige carpet and in reality he was able to understand the misdeeds of his father who lied to him regarding financial matters. 

Meaning and Symbolism of Beige in Different Aspects of Life

In business: Because of it simple, serene and plain appearance, beige is used in the interior designs of schools, homes, hospitals and offices. The first computers had been designed in beige, hence the color stands for the working world.

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