Blue Color Meaning and Symbolism

What Does the Color Blue Mean

Blue, the color of the sea as well as sky stands for freedom, serenity, calmness, peacefulness, imagination, intelligence, sincerity, wisdom, stability and faith. On the flip side, blue could also mean melancholy, timidity, self-centeredness, depression, and stubbornness.

Blue Meaning Symbolism Favorite Color

What Does it Mean If Your Favorite Color Is Blue

A person whose favorite color is blue would be trustworthy, sincere, as well as devoted towards his duties and responsibilities. Such people generally have a peaceful demeanor liking things to go in a harmonious way instead of getting into conflicts or turmoil. Lovers are blue think carefully before taking any decision and lack impulsiveness. They are also even-tempered unless their emotions get too high. Individuals who consider blue as their favorite hue also are sociable and amicable, but love to remain in the company of a close group of pals. Blue fanatics are often emotional and sentimental to such an extent that they shed tears on watching a sad movie.

If you have chosen light blue as the color of your car then it means that you are confident, truthful and calm in nature, while dark blue colors hint at one’s confidence and a sense of authority.

However, an obsession for blue might result in a lot of negative implications. Such people could have a rigid and stubborn nature which makes it difficult for others to change their decisions or thought process. They are too neat and orderly disliking untidiness that could at times make them finicky. Their confidence might make them dominating and dictating.

People having blue as their aura color are intuitive, helping, loving and also remain calm in times of crisis. A royal blue aura stands for generosity, a dark blue aura would result in controlling nature and inability to trust in the future, whereas a light blue aura stands for serenity and truthfulness.

Meaning and Symbolism of Different Shades of Blue

Light blue: This may include sky and baby blue representing tranquility, healing, softness, and understanding.

Dark blue: It represents power, knowledge, seriousness and integrity.

What Does the Color Blue Mean in a Dream

Dreaming of blue could hint at your spiritual inclination and optimistic bent of mind. It could even mean that you have a generous personality coupled with a balanced nature.  However, the significance of blue in dreams differs in accordance to which shade of it you have seen. Dreaming of objects of navy blue color could indicate a lack of individuality since it is often related to uniforms, while dark blue stands for sadness and depression.

Dreaming of a blue ocean or sky means creativity, calmness, truth, wisdom and ability to adapt to new ideas.

Seeing yourself wearing a light blue outfit is indicative of your creative skills.

A light blue snake means that you are scared that a certain person or a situation would compel you to lose all that you possess.

A blue dragonfly is symbolic of good times in the future alongside wealth and abundance. 

Meaning and Significance of Blue in Different Objects of Life

Blue flowers: Rose- Secretive or unattainable love; Orchid – Rarity and unconventional thoughts; Poppy – Luxury, success, imaginative mind; Lotus – Victory of spirit over intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom

Blue bird: Blue jay – Energy, intelligence, determination, clarity, curiosity and faithfulness; Heron- Calmness, peacefulness, uniqueness; Crane – Inner contemplation

Blue butterfly: Happiness, joy, sudden good luck, fulfillment of wishes

Blue elephant: Knowledge and brightness

Blue puzzle piece: This is a symbol of autism, meaning such people are difficult to understand and their treatment is indeed complex just like the missing puzzle piece.

Blue eyes: Attractive, calm, knowledgeable and peaceful

Blue car light: Low coolant temperature

Blue feather: Calm and peaceful appeal, encouraging one to be faithful to themselves.

Blue heart: In an emoji, it stands for trust, peace, harmony, loyalty, and also a love which is stable and deep.

Blue circle: This symbolizes diabetes awareness globally.

In business: The qualities of trust, honesty and dependability is associated with blue, hence this color helps in building a customer’s loyalty when used in business. It is also a calm color, providing relaxation and reducing fear, tension, stress and pulse rate. Banks and other financial institutions mostly use blue, as reliability and trust are prime in such organizations. The blue logo is used by most brands like Samsung, HP, and Intel, evoking loyalty and professionalism. It is also a trustworthy color which is why it appears in most police uniforms.  Since it means clarity and has an association with water, beverages, alongside toothpaste and soap use this color in advertising their brands.

In literature: It is used to depict peace, loyalty, trust, calmness, faith, and wisdom, as well as negative qualities like melancholy, gloominess, and depression.

In flags: The horizontal blue stripe in the Philippines flag stands for truth, peace, and justice. In the American flag, blue means justice, vigilance, and perseverance. 

The blue ribbon stands for awareness of drinking and driving, domestic violence and free speech, also representing a host of conditions like colon and prostate cancer, dystonia and osteogenesis imperfecta.

What Does Blue Spiritually Mean in Different Religions and Culture

In Christianity: Biblically, according to several scholars blue stands for authority, heaven and the Holy Spirit. Alongside purple, blue is also said to be the alternate shade for the auspicious occasion of Advent.

In Buddhism: It means wisdom, purity, tranquility and healing.

In Hinduism: Blue means bravery, endurance, masculinity, and determination, with deities like Lord Krishna as well as Rama being represented in this shade.

In China: This color represents spring, advancement and immortality.

In Japan: Blue means fidelity, passivity, and coolness also being a popular color choice for clothing in Japan. People often while going to office or attending job interviews wear an outfit of this shade. Alongside white, yellow, red, green and purple, blue is also considered lucky in Japan.

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