Red Color Meaning and Symbolism

What Does the Color Red Mean

Red stands for fire and blood, symbolizing vibrance, passion, love, desire, romance, sensuality, courage, ambition, determination and radiance. Negatively, it means impulsiveness, aggression, lust, anger, oppression and violence.

Red Meaning Symbolism Favorite Color

What Does it Mean If Your Favorite Color is Red

Those with red as their favorite color are extroverts, optimistic, confident, bold and courageous. Their positive energy and sense of enthusiasm are infectious and such people often like to be the cynosure of all eyes. They are ambitious, always desiring to emerge victorious in any endeavor they take.

Having a liking for red also brings in a host of negative implications in a person’s character and an obsession for this color could aggravate the adverse traits further. Lovers of red are often seen to be impatient with short attention span, always hurrying and keen on getting things done instantly. They are even impulsive, often acting the moment a thought comes to their mind rather than chalking out an appropriate plan. They tend to have a controlling nature, wanting to exhibit their power over everything. Such people also possess a violent disposition, getting angry and aggressive easily, but calming down equally fast, soon forgetting that the episode ever happened.   

A red aura symbolizes passionate energy, indicating a healthy ego, alongside a positive state of wellbeing. A person with such an aura is grounded, always living for the present. It also stands for triumph and someone with a red aura would do all that it takes to be successful.

What Does the Color Red Spiritually Represent and Mean In Your Dream

Dreaming of red in any form may represent romance, passion, ambition or even danger, aggression and anger.

Seeing yourself driving a red car is an indication of the feeling of lust and passion suppressed in your mind. If the red car goes out of control it means that a lot of things that you were unaware of would eventually become visible. An unknown red car indicates your fear to lose something while the red car being stolen symbolizes that you focus more on the negative aspects in life rather than your positive attributes.

Having a vision of a red snake is indicative of a hidden danger in life which would also bring in prosperity and wealth.

Dreaming of a red flower, more specifically rose, would hint at an intense romantic feeling for someone, perhaps new or even towards the person who has been your partner since long.

To visualize yourself wearing red lipstick means that you desire to conceal your real intentions from others and always intend to put on a good or positive impression. To see yourself choosing or purchasing red lipstick means that you are making an attempt to overcome your financial and other difficulties in life.

A red shirt stands for fame and good luck. Red clothes in totality other than just the shirt have several implications, mostly symbolizing good luck and success.

Red blood means a whole lot of things. To see yourself bleeding indicates mental fatigue or even a conflict going on in your personal life. Seeing the blood on the ground is a warning sign, meaning that you should maintain caution about any new friendship.

Red brick stands for financial sufficiency and abundance.

A red candle means a romantic or intimate relationship you are in or may get into.

Dreaming of red eyes of yourself or someone else indicates the evil intention of a person you know or are acquainted with.

A red jacket stands for passion as well as sexual power, or may even signify a new beginning in your life.

Blood red moon indicates a dangerous situation that you may be in or a conflict going on in your mind.

A red bird may either stand for freedom or even reflect your corrupt attitude of surpassing others in business.

Dreaming of a red fox suggests a deception from a close friend.

Red onions indicate that your health could be at stake, warning you to be cautious.

Red ants mean that you are getting angry because of small things.

Red tomatoes, when seen by a married person, hints at a happy conjugal life.

Red bangles stand for a happy life when seen by a married woman and also indicates a marriage on cards if dreamt by a spinster.

Red grapes mean that you are undergoing a feeling of dismay or anxiety.

Red ribbon seen by someone in a relationship indicates sincere love, and when visioned by a married person stands for loyalty between the husband and wife.

Dreaming of having red wine by personal choice means that there is some positive news-in-waiting for you. Seeing yourself being forced to drink red wine may mean future trouble for the sins you have committed.

Seeing a red wolf stands for your determination in achieving your goal.

Red shoes mean your passion and even impulsiveness in achieving your goals.

Red ball means that you are required to be more open-minded when it comes to sharing your thoughts with others.

Red balloon means fondness, passion and an intimate relationship with your kith and kin.

Seeing yourself walking on a red carpet could hint at a positive approach in life and at the same time have a negative meaning symbolizing your desire for self-importance.

Red apple stands for good luck and fulfillment of all your dreams and aspirations.

Dreaming of red chili means that there is a probability of entering into sexual contact or heated agreement with a person.

Red fish stands for a good omen and the person dreaming of it would make a lot of money.

Dreaming of red cherries mean that you are or will be in an intimate relationship with someone.

Red clouds mean that you may encounter a stressful environment in life.

Meaning and Symbolism of Red Objects in Different Aspects of Life

Flowers: Red rose- Expression of love, respect, admiration and devotion; Yellow rose with a red tip- Friendship or even a relation of love; Red tulip –True and eternal love; Red lotus: Enlightenment and rebirth; Red dahlia: Love, passion, power and strength; Red lily: Passion; Red crysanthememum: Love; Red orchid: Desire and passion

Red door: According to the Chinese culture red door is a sign of good luck and people in China paint their homes in this shade before their New Year. It also stands for liveliness, excitement, vibrance and energy.

Bird: Red robin- Joy, pleasure, satisfaction, happiness, rejuvenation, and clarity;

Red jasper: Empowerment, strength and ability to overcome domestic violence

Red wedding dress: Love and passion, but even hints at a possibility of future feuds in the bride’s in-laws’ house. According to the age-old tradition the bride is made to wear it on the second day of her wedding suggesting that she could be expecting and the color is used as a mark of protection towards the to-be-born baby.

The Red dress is considered to be the national symbol for the awareness of heart disease in American women.

Red tie: Strength, dominance and authority especially in the professional world.

Red candle: Energy, courage, passion, lust, love, sex, vitality and courage

Red flag: Often metaphorically used to signify a warning or danger

Flashing red light: In traffic it means to STOP.

Red feather: Strength, passion, vitality, physical energy, power and courage

Red dragonfly: Eternal love on one hand and death on the other hand

Red sky: Stands for good weather to follow

Red envelope: Good luck, often gifted in China as well as other Southeast and East Asian countries on special occasions.

Red carpet: Privileged treatment to distinguished visitors

Red triangle: When inverted it stands for family planning, as well as contraception services.

Red lipstick: Passion and power

In business: Because of its vibrance, sensuality and appetizing power, red is the color used in most eateries and restaurant business. It could also be used as an arrow or footprints at a store to give customers directions on where to get things or how to go to the cash counter. A red buy now button, on a certain website, would attract a customer’s attention instantly. However, over usage of red could bring in anxiety, and tiredness, and also increase the blood pressure and heart rate, as per this study among a whole lot of them that have been conducted.

The red ribbon is used as awareness for AIDS, preventing drug abuse as well as drinking and driving.

What Does Red Represent in Different Religions and Culture

In Christianity: Red is said to be of immense significance in the Bible, symbolizing sacrifice, death, atonement, life, and flesh. It appears 53 times in the Bible of which 6 references have been found in the New Testament. In Christian tradition, red is also a color of Christmas perhaps because the apples in the Garden of Eden were also of this color.

In Islam: Red is regarded as the color of courage and sacrifice. The flags in various Persian Gulf countries are in shades of red.

In Buddhism: It stands for passion, powerful deeds, and energy. It is also one of the shades of the 5 Buddhas, regarded to possess protective qualities, warding off the evil eye.

In Chinese culture: Red is an auspicious color in China, representing good luck, joy, and happiness.  Since it keeps bad sight at bay, it is the color worn by brides.

In Indian culture: It stands for joy, good luck, happiness, prosperity, and celebration. In Hinduism, red is the symbol of marriage and communion, and women are dressed in red during the day of the solemnization of nuptial tries. In most communities, the red vermilion powder is seen on a woman’s head as a sign of her marriage.

In Japanese culture: Red, alongside white is a prominent color in Japan, representing joy and happiness. They are often used for decorations and people wear clothes of these shades to special occasions. It also stands for self-sacrifice, passion, strength and blood.

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