Quiz: What is Your Spirit Animal?

It is fascinating to think that you have a spiritual guide, a noble and loyal animal spirit, guiding you through your life. So, what is your spirit animal? Take the quiz to find out

When a friend is overreacting to something, what do you do?

Your colleague betrays you to get in the good books of your boss. How do you react?

Your friend offers you $20 for tutoring his sister for the summer. But once the work is done, he doesn't pay you at all. How do you handle it?

Your report cards are here, and you have failed in maths. You are terrified to show it to your dad, but you need his signature on it. What do you do?

A friend says he has seen your girlfriend/boyfriend with someone else. How do you react to this?

When you received your first salary, what was the first thing you did with the money?

Something really unpleasant happened at work. Who do you turn to?

You see a group of guys beating up another person. What do you do?

There is a new project at work, and you boss has decided to give it the best performer. You really want this new project. What would you do to get it?

You ex-boyfriend/girlfriend calls and says they want to get back together. What would you do?

what's my spirit animal quiz?

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