Black Color Meaning and Symbolism

What Does the Color Black Mean

Black represents authority, elegance, power, seriousness, strength, discipline, self-control and prestige. Negatively, it is related to aloofness, depression, pessimism and also considered as a color of mourning in certain cultures.

Black Meaning Symbolism Favorite Color

What does it Mean If Your Favorite Color is Black

Those having black as their favorite color may be determined, strong-willed and independent, having a control over themselves as well as situations. They have a methodical approach and are particular in completing their task to the final detail.

When someone is over-obsessed towards black, he may be overly serious with life, desiring to remain in his own shell rather than opening up to others. In fact, it may be fear which compels these people to build an invisible barrier between themselves and others. Lovers of black always maintain a self-denial mode, leading a life devoid of joy and pleasure. They are also likely to have a rebellious nature, mostly going against their family or society.

If you like many of your objects to be in black, particularly your car, then it means that you are passionate about elegnace and class.

Like white, black may also not be one’s favorite color from the beginning and a person may develop a fondness for this shade when he/she is going through a depressing or dejected phase in life. Teenagers could also possess a liking for black when they are at a crucial stage confused about their identity.

An aura of black unlike other colors is associated with negativity. However, it is always not that a person with an evil mind may have a black aura. In fact those going through a troubled emotional phase, harboring feelings of hatred and anger or suffering from an illness could have an aura of this color, which is not permanent though.

What does Black Color Mean In One’s Dreams

Seeing black in your dream might mean that you are sad, dejected, mournful, depressed and lonely. It could also indicate that in life you are going through a phase of isolation and transition. It may even mean that in your subconscious mind, you are aware of a certain thing or situation happening in life.

Seeing someone wearing a black dress could mean you are encountering your own shadow.

A black animal indicates that certain emotions concerning some parts of your life have been repressed.

A black horse, in particular, suggests that you possess the energy which needs to be used in a positive way.

Seeing a black peacock means that rumors are being spread about you out of jealousy.

A black dragon brings forth your anger or hints at an impending danger.

Meaning and Symbolism of Black Objects in Different Aspects of Life

Black heart: Morbidity, sorrow or dark humor when expressed in the form of an emoji.

Black panther: Honesty, bravery, mysticism

Black widow spider: Creativity, independence, complicated love, hatred, attack, destruction, vengeance

Black butterfly: Positivity, but at the same time may be ominous, symbolizing the ushering of thunderstorm (especially the first butterfly of the season) and even death (not just of a person, but of a relationship, job etc.).

Black swan: Joy and freedom

Black feather: Protection from angels, guarding one against any negative energy

Black moth: Death, mystery, emptiness

Black horse: Symbolizes dark forces and death (according to Celtic culture), also standing for maturity and strength to deal with whatever challenges life throws at you.

Black lotus: Aggression, sophistication and rebellion

Black lipstick: Dark side of one’s character (also dark humor)

Black wolf: Return of the spirits of one’s forefathers who are attempting to convey significant messages

Black pearl: Ray of hope for those with a broken heart, healing powers, ensuring protection from negative energy

Black veil: In Roman Catholicism a black veil means the renunciation of worldly ties.  

In business: Since black has an air of secrecy and mystery, it is one of the choicest colors of age groups between 16 and 25, who are on a quest for identity. A packaging of black gives an object a heavy and expensive look. It will produce a spectacular effect when teamed with jewel shades like cobalt, red, emerald, magenta, orange and yellow.

What Does Black Represent In Different Religion and Culture

Christianity: Biblically it stands for darkness, mourning, death, calamity, sin and humiliation.

In Islam: Besides mourning, black is also linked to modesty.

In Buddhism: It represents death of ignorance, enlightenment and awakening.

In Chinese culture: It is linked to sadness, disaster, cruelty, evil, and sufferings. Because of this, it represents ill fortune and is a no-no for weddings and other auspicious occasions.

In Japanese culture: A foreboding color, symbolizing doom, sorrow, destruction and death, often worn to funerals.

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