Brown Color Meaning and Symbolism

What Does the Color Brown Mean

Brown, the color of earth, stands for warmth, simplicity, stability, comfort, reliability, trustworthiness, and elegance. On the contrary, its subdued and lusterless appearance could at time make it appear boring and monotonous.

Brown Meaning Symbolism Favorite Color

Symbolism of Different Shades of Brown

Light brown: Approachable, honest, genuine, sincere, friendly

Tan: Timeless, uncomplicated, ageless, natural, straightforward

Dark brown: Materialistic, prudent, depressive

Beige: Reliable, loyal, practical, constant, conservative

The Significance of Brown in One’s Personality

One of the significant characteristic traits often said to be present in someone whose favorite color is brown is his down-to-earth nature. Such people are also said to be friendly and highly responsible towards their duties, performing them with complete dedication. Brown lovers have a high regard for their family and are also easily approachable, ready to help someone in need.  They are not impulsive, and often think in depth prior to taking a certain decision.

If this color fascinates someone to such an extent that the person likes wearing brown clothes or has the walls of his room painted in brown, then he may be perceived as reserved, reliable, intelligent, rational and a little intuitive. Preference for a brown car hints at the down-to-earth and straightforward nature of the concerned person.

However, if one is overly obsessed towards brown, he could be a little boring or too serious in life, devoid of sense of humor. Such people even lack a carefree demeanor, preferring to know a certain thing in details before committing to it right away.

Spiritual Meaning of the Color Brown in Your Dreams

Dreaming of brown could on one hand indicate good luck, fortune, success and freedom, while at the same time visualizing certain objects of this color (mud, dust, dirt) may hint at dullness, boredom or lack of clarity in your thoughts.

To feel yourself in close contact with someone’s skin hints at your desire of getting intimate with that person.

Brown eyes symbolize deceit and treachery, indicating that a certain person (known or unknown) could trick and compel you to lose a certain opportunity in life.

Visualizing yourself playing with mud signifies the struggles that you could face in life which would also bring good times once the hard phase comes to an end.

Brown leaves (withered or dead) indicate a feeling of loss and hopelessness that you could be going through.

A small brown dog hints at your involvement in illegal acts in future, while dreaming of the animal running around you may indicate the loneliness and isolation you are facing.

Meaning and Significance of Brown Objects in Different Aspects of Life

Brown butterfly: Hints at good or important news that one may soon get.

Brown candle: Comforting, grounded, fertile, stable

Brown eyes: People with brown eyes are known to be determined, independent, self-confident, trustworthy, also providing a sense of stability and security to others.

In business: Brown due to its earthly nature, associates with stability, reliability, endurance, practicality and security. While United Parcel Service uses brown on their uniforms and delivery trucks, J.P. Morgan has their logo written in this shade. Hershey’s and Edy’s are also among the other companies that have associated themselves with this comforting color.

In literature: The color has often been used to symbolize poverty as well as the earth.

The brown ribbon has several implications and stands for a whole lot of things. In the state and county fairs held in the U.S., a ribbon of this color is awarded to a person securing the eighth place in a certain competition. A brown ribbon also represents the anti-tobacco campaign as well as colon cancer. In South Africa brown ribbons are worn as a mark of protest against the brutal farm attacks.

What Does Brown Represent in Different Religions and Culture

In Christianity: Biblically brown signifies humility as well as the connection of the Almighty father with mankind. In Christian art, the color is also associated with the robes of the monk, representing earthliness, austerity, and poverty.

In Islam: It stands for peace and purity.

In America: In the U.S. the color is associated with fall and Thanksgiving, while the American Indians regard brown as a representation of self-discipline.

In Japan: It means durability and strength, often being referred to by the Japanese as the color of tea and fallen leaves.

In India: This earthly color stands for mourning, alongside white.

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