Gold Color Meaning and Symbolism

What Does the Color Gold Mean

Gold, closely related to yellow and brown symbolizes wealth, extravagance, passion, sophistication, masculinity, compassion, elegance, wisdom and courage. Since gold symbolizes victory or success, at competitions and athletic events, the winner is often awarded a gold medal.

Gold Meaning Symbolism Favorite Color

Combination of Gold with Other Colors

Gold and black stands for increased luxuriousness, wealth and elegance

Gold and white signifies purity and sophistication

Gold and purple means beauty and wealth, mostly linked to objects of luxury

The Significance of Gold in One’s Personality

Someone who loves the color is gold is said to have a love for luxury and is also supposed to be of an ambitious, friendly, optimistic, and extrovert nature. The person will also be a go-getter, desiring to achieve success quickly, rather than sitting back and waiting for the right time to come.

If a person is obsessed with gold, liking to include it in every object of his daily living, it could signify a dark side of his character with arrogance, over-ambition, self-centeredness and even a lack of connection with reality which could bring in failures.

A person with an aura of gold indicates that he has attained wisdom, inner peace, and spiritual enlightenment. He is often said to have a creative and artistic bent of mind with a love for beautiful things, having elegant decor items at home.

What Does the Color Gold Mean in Your Dream

Having a vision of gold might symbolize one’s inner values or anything that one prioritizes or treasures in life. It could also point towards some abilities or talent you are unaware of.  On the negative side, it could hint at vices like greed and corruption.

Spending gold coins or jewelry could hint of financial problems you may have in future.

Buying gold symbolizes luck and good fortune.

Burying gold can indicate some secret you may be concealing in your waking life.

Stealing gold is ominous, hinting at some bad news to come in your way quite soon.

Receiving gold suggests an improvement in your present financial situation.

Losing gold means losing some great opportunities in the future.

Finding gold stands for some good news on the way.

Seeing a golden crown indicates that one could attain recognition and respect from others, and may even incur profits in the future.

A girl dreaming of being gifted golden jewelry symbolizes a happy marriage and family life.

A pot full of gold means that one would finally be rewarded for his hard work.

In Islamic tradition Seeing yourself wearing a golden attire suggests triumph over one’s enemy.

Meaning and Importance of Gold Objects in Different Aspects of Life

Golden crown: Victory, triumph, glory, honor

Gold candle: Willpower, optimism, wealth, confidence and generosity, also use for representing the Almighty Father.

In business: Organizations selling things of high value often use gold in the marketing and packaging strategies that signify material wealth and grandeur.

The golden ribbon stands for all kinds of cancer that can affect children and adolescents.

What Does the Color Represent Spiritually and In Different Cultures

In Christianity: Biblically, it was often used in comparison to God’s love by indicating that gold did mean all the wealth in the world, but was certainly not greater or more valuable than divine intervention.

In Chinese culture: Gold is perceived as an earthly metal and also stands for wealth and completeness. Gold’s cousin yellow is considered luckier in Chinese tradition and is often paired with red instead of gold.

In Japanese culture: Being used in decoration it represents wealth, strength and prestige.

In British culture: It symbolizes royalty and the crown.

In French culture: It indicates luxury and is used for decoration.

The twelve golden stars projected against a blue background in the flag of Europe means solidarity, unity, and harmony among the citizens.

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