Green Color Meaning and Symbolism

What Does the Color Green Mean

Green a shade in between yellow and blue, symbolizes harmony, freshness, creativity, productivity, safety, and positivity. It also stands for rebirth and rejuvenation, representing spring when plants get back their life after a chilling winter. On the flip side, green is also associated with materialism, greed, ambition, and jealousy.

Green Meaning Symbolism Favorite Color

The Symbolism of Green in One’s Personality

When green is someone’s favorite color, he appears to be practical, and down-to-earth, possessing an immense love for nature. Generosity, kindness, and compassion are the other character traits of such people, who are adept in managing crisis situations because of their calm and composed nature. Lovers of green are also notable for their caring demeanor, always on the lookout to help and nurture the needs of others. In fact, those having a preference for this shade have a high possibility of becoming good counselors and psychologists since they are amazing listeners and can look at others’ concerns in an empathetic and balanced way, providing a logical solution. Such individuals are noted for their intelligence, having an affinity for learning and understanding new concepts. Such people are an open book, wearing their heart on their sleeves, showing their feelings and emotions openly rather than concealing it. They are tactful and cautious in planning things and do not act impulsively.

A knack for keeping green as the color choice for your wardrobe, accessories as well as you car is a hint of your simple and no-nonsense nature.

When someone is over-obsessed with green, then his character may display some negative traits as mentioned below. Their frank and open-minded nature could be mistaken for modesty, leading them to be exploited and taken for granted by others. They are creative and full of ideas but may lack implementation. Being strong-willed is another of their temperamental features, making them a little arrogant since such people are masters of their own desire and detest being dictated. Their generous nature might backfire and while getting too involved in others’ life they might lose their own identity. Lastly, envy and jealousy with which green is majorly associated might be seen in them.

Those with an aura of green, that is associated with coolness and calmness are said to have the ability to heal others on a mental, physical, emotional or spiritual level. Such people are also optimistic, ambitious, creative, with an eye for beauty and detail, striving for perfection.

Meaning of Different Shades of Green

Olive: Stands for peace, and at the same time are symbols of treachery and deceit.

Pale green: Growth, youthfulness, immaturity, inexperience

Lime green: Playfulness and naivety

Jade green: Trust, generosity, tactfulness, wisdom and spiritual enlightenment

Aqua green: Calming and healing effect

Grass green: Self-confidence, security and abundance

Yellow green: Conflict, fear and cowardice

What Does the Color Green Spiritually Mean and Represent in Your Dreams

Seeing green in your dreams could have positive as well as negative implications. On one hand it is symbolic of a positive change, also signifying peacefulness and healing. At the same time it could also indicate feelings of selfishness, greed and jealousy that you may have in your subconscious mind.

Seeing a green snake in your dreams means that there may be a natural transformation in your life, where you would perhaps discover yourself in a new way or get into a new project or relation. It also stands for good luck and health, and if you are suffering from an ailment since long, the dream could hint at your recuperation. Having a vision of the green snake attacking you indicates your efforts in overcoming an adverse situation or a troublesome person. The snake crawling on the sand or grass hints that you could be harmed by a certain person.

Fresh, green grass is a wonderful omen meaning triumph over an enemy, good health and wealth, prosperity, positive news in the waiting, and fertility. Dried green grass is a bad sign hinting about the troubles and disappointment that awaits you in the future. Tall grass, on the other hand, means good luck.

Painting something in green reflects your sensible approach in solving a problem, rather than surrendering to it easily.

Seeing yourself cooking green beans hints at a marriage in the near future of yourself or your near and dear ones. It even indicates that your life would be full of joy and happiness. Cooked green beans are also a sign of your innocence, warning you to mend your ways, lest people could take advantage.

Meaning and Symbolism of Green Objects in Different Aspects of Life

Green cross: Represents life and nature and is used as a symbol of first aid. In Japan, a green cross on a flag with a white background is often flown on factory and construction sites encouraging workers to be safe when at work.

Green eyes: Intelligent, passionate, creative, jealous and mysterious

Green rose: Fertility,abundance, freshness, richness, bountifulness, rejuvenation, well-being… a perfect gift for someone who is pregnant.

Green grasshopper: Good luck, advanced thinking, courageousness and peace

Green candle: Growth, fertility, renewal, rejuvenation, balance and harmony

Green wall color: Because of its calm and refreshing nature, green wall color is suited for any room of the house. As the color stands for fertility, it is a good shade for the bedroom.

In feng shui: Calming, relaxing, and tranquil effect, also symbolizing abundance and renewal.

In road signal: A green light is a signal for the traffic to get going

In business: Because of its calm and soothing appearance, green is used in many stores to give the customers a relaxing feeling, allievating depression and anxiety. Green has a strong connection with nature because of its freshness; hence this color is used to represent environmental awareness and many big brands like Mc Donald’s, Wall Mart and Coca Cola have opted for the “Go Green” to conserve the natural resources.

In literature: In poetry, novels and other literary works, green has contrasting meanings. On one hand, it stands for a refreshing and relaxing effect, and on the other hand, it is associated with jealousy. In fact, the phrases “green with envy” and green-eyed monster” (someone who is jealous), popularized by William Shakespeare in his plays, indicate the negative usage of this color.

The green ribbon is used to represent mental health awareness and during the 1800s, was worn by people who were mentally unstable. It also serves as a symbol of kidney health awareness, cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities and cancer (liver, kidney, bile duct).

What Does Green Represent in Different Religions and Culture

In Christianity: Biblically, green stands for immortality and resurrection. Christians also associate green with life as the famous holly bushes and fir trees never shed their leaves even in the chilling cold. Thus, this shade in combination with red went on to be the prime color of Christmas.  

In Islam: It is linked to paradise and the flags of several Islam countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have green as their primary color.

In Hinduism: In Hindu tradition green is associated with Mother Nature, representing happiness, peace and stability of the mind.

In Buddhism: It stands for vigor, youthfulness, activity and action, also having the power of transforming feelings of jealousy into accomplished wisdom. 

In China: It is related to good health as well as prosperity. However, in Chinese culture “wearing a green hat” has a different connotation relating to unfaithfulness.

In Japan: It means fertility, vegetation and eternity.

In Ireland: Green is theme color of St. Patrick’s Day, a popular religious and cultural festival of Ireland. Though originally blue was the main color, it eventually got replaced with green because of the latter’s presence in the Irish flag, representing the Christian community.

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