Maroon Color Meaning and Symbolism

What Does the Color Maroon Mean

Maroon, a brownish-red shade, stands for passion, confidence, creativity, love, ambition, strength, courage, and beauty. Because of its warm and earthy nature, maroon also represents autumn. Negatively, it could stand for indecisiveness.

Maroon Meaning Symbolism Favorite Color

The Significance of Maroon in One’s Personality

If someone has a liking for maroon, then it means that he has encountered a lot of harsh experiences in life which has transformed him into a generous, matured and likable person.

An obsession for maroon means that the person lacks the ability to make decision promptly and also have an overly introvert nature.

Maroon as an aura color means blockage or stagnation in the flow of energy. In fact, it signifies the need for energy and emotional healing.

Spiritual Meaning of the Color Maroon in Your Dreams

Dreaming of maroon, an unusual and unconventional color, symbolizes strength, bravery, heroism, inner-strength, and courage. In fact, it could either mean that these qualities are inherent in you or you need to work to develop them. In case you see some other person in your dream associated with this color, it could be that the traits of heroism and courage are displayed by him. In other words, a dream of maroon would help you get a proper direction in life.

Significance of Maroon in Different Aspects of Life

Maroon dress: Courage and passion

In business: Since it represents inner strength, courage, and passion, it is the school color in several academic institutions like college, high school, and university. Maroon is also said to stimulate appetite, hence the outside, interiors as well as logos of restaurants have opted for this shade. The famous American lifestyle brand Hollister Co. has maroon on its logo and also the casual wears of the company mostly come in shades of this color to signify sensuality. Since it is associated with Christ’s blood, harvest, and love, maroon is extensively promoted during Christmas, Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day respectively.

In feng shui: Being a prominent shade of red, maroon in feng shui stands for indecisiveness.

The maroon ribbon is a symbol of multiple myeloma awareness. 

What Does Maroon Represent in Christianity

Being similar to red, biblically, maroon means spiritual awakening and the blood of Christ.

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