Orange Color Meaning and Symbolism

What Does the Color Orange Mean

Orange, a combination of the colors yellow and red, stands for the merriment of the former and vibrant energy of the latter, also symbolizing youthfulness, positivity, enthusiasm, warmth, creativity, determination, encouragement, and freedom.

Amber Meaning Symbolism Favorite Color

Symbolism of Different Shades of Orange

Golden orange: Vitality, self control

Amber: High confidence level and self esteem

Dark orange: Over ambition and over confidence

Burnt orange: Shades of negativity, pride, aggression and tension

What Does Orange Stand For in Combination With Other Colors

Orange and Blue: Coolness and freshness

Orange and Red: Brightness, vitality and increased physical energy

Orange and yellow: Warmth and comfort

Significance of Orange in One’s Personality

Someone with orange as their favorite color is believed to be optimistic, flamboyant, and extrovert. Such people are always on the move and are great at socializing, being the life of any gathering. They are generous, contented in helping and inspiring others. Energetic and risk-takers, they love adventure sports and would not think twice before doing anything challenging.

However, if one is over-obsessed with orange, he could be too free-spirited, resulting in a commitment-phobic attitude and lack of loyalty in his relationships. Their gregarious nature could often cause them to show off and exaggerate. Such people are often detached from mundane aspects of daily life, showing impatience particularly when under stress.

An orange aura stands for creativity, spontaneity, adventure, good health and vitality.

What Does the Color Orange Mean
Spiritually In Your Dreams

Seeing objects of orange in your dream is mostly an indication of good health, energy, joy and all the positive things that may happen in your life. Though certain things can have negative implications.

An orange fish is an indication that you might subconciously be craving a break from your daily routine.

Dreaming of orange flowers stands for a good mood and clear conscience.

An orange horse could be a warning of the difficulties you may encounter in future.

 Selling orange carrots could mean that the health of your nearest kin is worrying you in your waking life.

Dreaming of Orange, the Fruit

A vision of eating ripe oranges is a positive sign meaning good health and positivity.

Seeing yourself having rotten oranges could symbolize ill health.

Giving orange to someone indicates that you will garner love and praise from others.

Receiving an orange means a surprise or good luck is awaiting you.

Buying oranges especially when seen by an ailing person stands for chances of a speedy recovery.

Peeling an orange or squeezing its juice symbolizes the chances of profit you may incur in business.

Stepping upon the peels of orange and falling on it might mean the demise of a relative.

Seeing an orange orchard being destroyed are indications of a threat you may face from your foes.

Having a vision of eating a bland orange symbolizes that your life lacks excitement and thrill.

A pregnant woman dreaming of eating oranges means a boy-in-waiting, while if she dreams of picking oranges hints at a smooth delivery.

Meaning and Importance of Orange Objects in Different Aspects of Life

In autumn leaves and pumpkins (during fall): Transitional color, meaning a change from one season to another

Orange tulip: Happiness, energy, warmth, understanding, enthusiasm

Orange roses: Desire, excitement, enthusiasm and passionate romance

Orange flowers in general: Cheerfulness and joy

Orange butterfly: Friendliness, liveliness, passion, positivity, and even aggressiveness. It even stands for rebirth

Orange tie: Enthusiasm, open-mindedness, and adventurous nature, perfect for creating an impression at one’s workplace

In traffic signs: A sign of warning to indicate work in progress due to a maintenance or construction project

In flags: Courage and sacrifice

In home décor: When used as paint for rooms it evokes enthusiasm, energy and excitement

In business: Warmth, flamboyance, and vibrancy, often used as a theme color in restaurants and even small food outlets. It is also used as a theme color for advertising agencies, as it has a toned down appearance but would still grab customers’ attention.

In feng shui: A social vibe, stimulating positive energy, brightness, and warmth

The orange ribbon stands for a lot of things in different countries. In Australia, it is worn to commemorate Harmony Day, while in Canada it serves as a symbol of Addiction Recovery. In the United States, it stands as a symbol for conditions like ADHD, kidney cancer, and primary ciliary dyskinesia, while in Singapore it represents religious and racial harmony.

What Does Orange Represent in Different Religions and Culture

In Christianity: Biblically, orange stands for the fire of god, and deliverance.

In Hinduism: The saffron shade of orange is considered holy and stands for purity. Ascetics and monks who have broken away from material ties mostly wear robes of this color.

In Buddhism: It symbolizes humility, and renunciation from worldly ties, also being the color of attire for monks like in Hinduism.

In Japan: Here, it stands for bravery and love.

In Netherlands: It is their national color, signifying royalty.

In the Middle East: The color is a symbol of loss and mourning.

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